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Sustainable Workplace Solutions

The principles of the circular economy make perfect sense. Use less, share more, and ensure that what you use has the potential to be reused, repurposed or recycled.

At Crown Workspace, we understand the role of the circular economy in helping to reduce carbon emissions and meet climate change targets.

Our circular workspace solutions have a direct role to play in reducing the embodied carbon of our clients’ furniture, IT, and equipment by reducing the need to buy new, keeping items in use for longer and ensuring they are recycled responsibly when they truly reach their end-of-life.

We have been successfully delivering sustainable workplace services for over a decade and are fully aware of the challenges and rewards that a more sustainable approach to business brings. We also understand the challenges businesses face beyond the sustainability agenda.

As a result, our circular workplace solutions don’t only provide the best financial, environmental, and social outcomes for furniture, IT, and equipment but also meet clients’ timescales, budgets, and priorities. These services include audit, storage, remanufacturing, resale, donation, and zero-to-landfill clearance solutions for furniture, IT, and electrical equipment.

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Sustainability at the core of everything we do

Our wide range of sustainable workplace services is constantly evolving to cater to the needs of today’s businesses. We work alongside clients to support their sustainability agenda and are always looking to offer new and innovative ways to assist their needs.

Whether furnishing, clearing or refurbishing your office, Crown Workspaces’ services enable businesses to:

  • Achieve cost savings
  • Move towards a circular office
  • Reduce scope 3 emissions and achieve net-zero targets
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Support those most in need and deliver wider social value
  • Contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our services also positively contribute to environmental accreditations such as BREEAM, LEED and SKA.

On completion of a client project, we can provide a full and comprehensive client savings report outlining project savings from reuse, resale and rebates, donations and charities supported, and the carbon savings achieved by using our services.

As well as providing sustainable workplace services to our clients, Crown Workspace is committed to reducing our own direct environmental impacts.

Furnishing your office sustainability

Whether clients are relocating or refreshing their office, expanding their team, or operating normally, we offer a wide range of sustainable furniture services, including auditing, remanufacturing, resale, donation, consultancy, and furniture sales.

Our team will assess your existing stock, advise what is achievable in terms of refurbishment or remanufacturing, and offer proposals on alternative sustainable, bespoke, or new items to suit your exact needs.

Sustainable office clearances

We enable clients to sustainably clear out redundant office furniture, IT and electrical equipment, meeting their business objectives and sustainability targets whilst delivering to their timescales and budgets.

Each clearance will be fully project managed through one point of contact.  Clients’ furniture, equipment, buildings, and staff will be protected at all times by our fully vetted and experienced team using high quality and well-maintained resources.  We provide full audit trails and client savings reports for every clearance.

We have completed sustainable clearances for the likes of BBC, Investec, and the Cabinet Office.

Redundant and end-of-life IT services

Our IT service makes it easy for our clients to manage redundant and end-of-life items securely, compliantly, and sustainably. We help them maximise the financial, environmental, and social value of redundant IT and electrical equipment whilst prioritising securely, minimising and risks and ensuring they meet their legal requirements. Contact us for a free consultation or quote.

Our award-winning remanufacturing hub, the Renew Centre

We provide award-winning innovation with our Renew Centre, which is the UK and Ireland’s leading independent, commercial facility dedicated to remanufacturing, refurbishing and repairing desks, chairs and office furniture. All furniture is remanufactured to the highest quality by our talented and trained carpenters, and all works undertaken are provided with a warranty.

Our on-site Renew Centre is a much-toured facility by clients, academics, journalists, and future designers. If you are interested in having a tour, please get in touch now.

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Office Resale

As one of the UK and Ireland’s top-used office furniture retailers, we offer a full range of quality products from task chairs, desks, and office storage to meeting room, reception, and break-out furniture.

What is Office Resale?

Office Resale provides an affordable way to purchase high-quality, used office furniture with stock from all leading brands.

Those who want to make responsible purchases can give used furniture a second life without compromising on quality and performance.

We also enable organisations to buy a higher quality product than you might be able to afford new, giving you access to products that are built to last and ensuring productivity and performance doesn’t suffer from unnecessary discomfort and poor posture.

Contact us now for a free consultation or quote.

IT Resale

Through our online store, we make it easy to purchase the refurbished IT and electrical equipment from reputable brands whilst maximising the financial, environmental, and social value of these assets.

What is IT Resale?

IT Resale is our online retail platform for quality used IT and electrical equipment from well-known brands, selling to both individuals and businesses.

All equipment we sell is fully tested and prepared for reuse. All data-bearing devices are securely data wiped to the highest standards by our security-cleared staff, using specialist software certified by National Cyber Security and approved by Defence INFOSEC Security Centre.

We make it easy to purchase refurbished IT and electrical equipment from reputable brands, whilst maximising the financial, environmental and social value of these assets. Contact us now.

Giving Back Project

Making it easy for our clients to give back

The Giving Back Project, which we run as part of our sustainable clearance service, makes it easy for our clients to donate unwanted office furniture and equipment without creating further work. We take the unwanted furniture, IT and electrical equipment and liaise with charity partners to ensure they reach those in need.  This ensures items that continue to have social value remain in use as long as possible, helping those in need and supporting local communities.

Renew IT

Renew IT provides a secure, sustainable and compliant IT asset disposal service for redundant and end-of-life IT assets.

With security paramount and services designed around the waste hierarchy, Renew IT maximises the financial, environmental, and social value of your redundant and end-of-life IT assets; whilst ensuring you meet your legal and regulatory requirements and minimise any data security risks.

Our sustainable workplace solutions include:

  • Furniture, IT and electrical equipment auditing – We capture all the details on the condition and location of clients’ assets, supporting internal reuse and, where appropriate, highlighting best disposal options with resale value, donation viability and segregation requirements for recycling and recovery.
  • Secure storage facilities – Our storage solutions with online viewing and ordering capabilities as well as activity and usage reporting help clients minimise waste and over-ordering. Find out more about our storage services.
  • Office furniture remanufacturing and repair – Our office furniture remanufacturing services help our clients make the most of their existing furniture assets, returning these items to ‘as good as new’ condition and remanufacturing them to meet new working requirements. Find out more about our furniture remanufacturing services. 
  • Secure data destruction – Our security cleared staff can securely wipe all IT data-bearing devices on-site or off-site using specialist, certified and approved software.  We can then prepare clients’ redundant IT and electrical equipment for reuse.  Find out more about our redundant IT services.
  • Used office furniture, IT and electrical equipment purchase and sale – Our online shops, Office Resale and IT Resale, ensure you receive maximum value for your redundant resources. These channels also make procuring quality used office furniture, IT and electrical equipment attractive and accessible. Our expert teams are on hand to provide advice, assistance and bespoke proposals.
  • Furniture, IT and electrical equipment donation – We help our clients to ‘give back’ as part of a sustainable clearance, enabling them to donate unwanted furniture, IT and electrical equipment with little or no resale value through our donation initiative, the Giving Back Project.
  • Sustainable office clearances – we help our clients meet their business objectives and their sustainability targets whilst delivering to their timescales and budgets.
  • Furniture leasing/hire – For those with a short-term need or perhaps seeking a more sustainable solution for their circular office, we can provide office furniture leasing options. Offices can, therefore, benefit from a fresher look, with minimum impact on the budget and environment.
  • Zero to landfill solutions – We work with fully licensed local recycling partners to maximise recycling with non-recyclable waste going to generate energy-from-waste wherever possible.

To find out more about our sustainable workplace solutions, contact us here.

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