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Business Storage

Busy dynamic organisations often need additional, cost-effective warehouse storage space to help provide a safe and secure temporary or long-term home for their items.

At Crown Workspace, we provide a responsive, secure, and competitive business storage service for all your items, with a range of all size storage arrangements to suit your exact needs. This includes containerised and racked storage as well as enhanced options for high-value items.

Our business-class commercial storage services actively support clients in managing their assets cost-effectively and sustainably, ensuring that our storage systems provide a short-term solution for items that will be reused, and not a long-term solution for redundant items.

What make us different?

Unique online asset management system

We have invested in and developed a unique online asset management system to support our storage clients, making managing remote assets easy, convenient, and accessible with a full inventory including photographs, a user-friendly client portal, a next-day retrieval service, and even multiple levels of permissions. This enables clients to have full control of what is in storage, easily manage stock, and retrieve items when needed.

As storage items arrive at Crown Workspace, they are photographed and a full digital inventory is created, capturing details including item name, colour and condition. Clients are then given a secure web-based login with differing levels of authorisation, from which they can remotely view and order their assets on a next-day delivery basis.

Secure business storage space to offer you peace of mind

Our secure facilities are on hand to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your items are held safely and can be accessed whenever you need them. Our facilities offer the best possible storage solutions, with a wide range of options to suit our clients’ needs including 24 hour CCTV, fire and intruder alarms, high-security loading bays, advanced security protocols, fire suppression systems, perimeter fencing, access restrictions, and for all new installations, zonal sprinkler systems.

For items of high value, enhanced storage options with privacy are available. These vary from standard 4-hour fire-rated repositories to comprehensive media vaults, which encompass inert gas fire suppression, temperature and humidity control, and Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA).

Commercial self-storage options

If you prefer to access and store excess equipment at a time that suits you, we also offer business self-storage options. While you do need to make an appointment to access your items, you can do so 5 days a week (Mon – Fri) during our 8 am – 4 pm opening hours, or at the weekend by appointment to your storage unit.

This can be especially useful if you need to accept deliveries of new equipment that you’re not quite ready to use yet, or even if you just need to grab an extra desk and chair for your new hire!

Dedicated storage for specialist and historic items

We have multiple types of storage suitable for everything from standard office and oversized items, to high-value and specialist items like art. Our facilities include London’s first purpose-built storage centre for high-value items including art, which is AXA Grasp Museum security advisor-approved. This high-quality facility is customs bonded and contains digitally monitored temperature and humidity control to ensure your high-value items are safe at all times.

As well as this, in our 21 Crown-owned storage sites across the UK and Ireland, we offer dedicated vaults and private areas that contain expert handlers to protect your items.

Sustainable approach to storage

We recognise that storage is a short-term solution for clients, and if not managed proactively, storage costs can escalate. Our reporting service helps to identify items that are not being utilised or need to be disposed of. Furthermore, we can quote for the repair or refurbishment of items to encourage their reuse, or alternatively sustainably clear out redundant assets from storage. Our sustainable approach ensures the best possible economic and environmental outcomes.

Our commercial storage solutions can support you with:

  • Online inventory – Facilitating effective remote management and ordering of assets, with multi-access and variety of user permission, a team can share knowledge and resources effectively.
  • Secure business storage – Our premises are covered by CCTV, with on-site security and alarms directly linked to the police. We also have extensive fire protection and regular internal audits of our systems. Items for storage are packed using appropriate materials to maintain their condition.
  • Responsive service – We offer a next day retrieval and delivery service.
  • Specialist storage – We operate secure, environmentally controlled storage areas with controlled lighting, temperature and humidity, as well as dedicated vaults and specialist handlers to protect your specialist and historic items.

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