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Renew IT

Renew IT provides a secure, sustainable and compliant IT asset disposal service for retired and end-of-life IT assets.

With security paramount and services designed around the waste hierarchy, Renew IT maximises the financial, environmental and social value of your retired and end-of-life IT assets; whilst ensuring you meet your legal and regulatory requirements and minimise any data security risks.

What makes Renew IT different?

In the last 18 months, there has been an extensive reorganisation of the Renew IT operations. As well as this, we have conducted a review of our procedures in order to support the service expansion, and remain in line with regulatory and legal requirements surrounding the IT asset disposal sector. This has included the expansion of our secure storage and data eradication areas, introducing the principles of lean manufacturing and the creation of a quarantine area for IT assets.

Full compliance

We have developed a UK and EU compliant service, which can help your organisation meet all legislative and regulatory requirements surrounding the IT asset disposal sector.

Robust methodologies

Our comprehensive services follow robust methodologies, as well as clear data destruction and protection policies, to ensure you meet legal requirements and have confidence in your supplier choice.

Our experienced and dedicated team

Our extensively trained, vetted and fully-uniformed staff are supported by a liveried, fully tracked fleet. This always ensures the security and confidentiality of your data and the safety of your IT assets.


Clear audit trail

We provide our clients with a full audit trail, which includes data destruction certification for all data-bearing devices, an itemised report with all corresponding asset serial numbers, asset tags and asset specifications.

All electrical equipment is returned on consignment notes in order to comply with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation 2013.

Compliance and asset management report

We provide a comprehensive asset report, which outlines full asset specifications, any project savings from reuse, resale and rebates, your donations and charities supported, and the carbon savings achieved by using our services.

Integrated services

As a leading workplace change service provider, we can supply you with an integrated package of move and change services, including sustainable furniture solutions and specialist IT support services.

Our services include:

IT asset auditing

We provide on-site and off-site audits and inventories of IT assets in order to help you manage and quantify redundant and end of life IT assets.

GDPR compliant IT asset disposal

We offer a secure collection of all retired IT assets using GPS-tracked vehicles and vetted staff. We also provide a transfer chain of custody at point collection to ensure GDPR compliance.

Secure data destruction

We can provide secure data wiping of all IT data-bearing devices. This can be done by our trained staff at clients’ sites, or at our dedicated facility, using specialist software certified by the National Cyber Security Centre for use on magnetic hard drives.

Physical destruction of data-bearing devices

We can provide a physical destruction service, either at clients’ sites or off-site with one of our vetted and accredited data destruction partners; in accordance with BS EN 15713 Standard (destruction of confidential information standard).

Testing, reconfiguring and repairing for redeployment and reuse

Following secure data eradication, we can reconfigure, repair and test your retired IT assets to prepare them for re-use. This is done in order to minimise the environmental impact and to maximise any potential financial or social return.

Re-marketing of reconditioned IT assets

Working with a range of trusted resale partners, as well as offering our own direct sales routes, we can sell reconditioned IT assets on a pre-agreed and transparent revenue-sharing agreement.

Reuse of reconditioned IT assets

As an add-on service, we can offer alternative reuse options for your retired IT assets. We can facilitate employee buy-back programmes or redeploy IT assets back into your organisation (fully data wiped or loaded with new software).

Charitable donation of reconditioned IT assets

Our well-established donation initiative, the Giving Back Project, enables you to give back to society by donating end-of-life or retired IT assets to schools, charities and social enterprises. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we are authorised to install Operating System and Office package on reconditioned IT assets for pre-qualified organisations at a fraction of the retail cost.

Recycling and recovery with our licensed WEEE partners

Where IT assets are not suitable for reuse, we extract component parts for reuse on items in the future. Those parts not retained are recycled with one of our fully accredited recycling partners.