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E-waste Disposal

Crown Workspace Malaysia makes it easy for clients to manage these redundant items securely, compliantly, and sustainably. We maximise the financial, environmental, and social value of your redundant IT and electrical equipment whilst ensuring secure data destruction of all data-bearing devices.

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A sustainable end-of-life solution for your IT assets & equipment to prevent data breaches and unauthorised access to your data, our e-waste secure disposal service ensures sensitive data is completely destroyed, not just deleted. Protect your confidential and sensitive data by shredding the items you no longer need with a simple and compliant service that ensures destruction of the physical media as well as the data.

E-Waste and IT equipment is high-risk area for data loss. Do you have processes in place to securely destroy these items? Do you have hard drives, USB drives, or backup tapes with information stored on them that need disposal?

Your digital data-containing devices should be disposed of with the same security and care that is afforded to paper documents. We offer a range of services to help achieve this disposal, primarily industrial-grade shredding and crushing, and degaussing to eradicate data within your IT assets, ensuring sensitive data is destroyed, not just deleted.

Why dispose IT equipment responsibly is important?

We offer a complete and secure IT assets or e-Waste destruction service from collection right through to destruction, giving you efficient, ethical, and secure destruction of all your digital records and electronic waste.

  • Pollution: Most electronics are made of heavy metals. When they are discarded into the environment or landfills, these toxic chemicals will leach and pollute the surrounding waterways.
  • Recyclability: Many precious metals and other materials can be recovered, recycled, and can be reused in creating new electronic devices, thus, reducing the need to mine for more of these depleting metal ores.
  • Waste Management: As one of the fastest-growing sources of waste, combined with a short product life cycle, it is important to have proper plans to manage IT assets disposal.

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