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Secure Document Shredding

Our document shredding services offer compliant and secure shredding services. We understand the importance of confidential data disposal.

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At the end of its life-cycle, proper disposal of corporate information is critical to ensure compliance and to protect corporate interests. We deliver simple and effective secure document shredding solutions including secure confidential bins to customers and set up collection and bin rotation schedules.

We make it a priority to understand your business and provide detailed recommendations to develop compliant processes and policies for the secure and confidential document disposal of corporate information.

Why The Need of Secure Document Shredding Service

With legislation regarding information privacy getting stricter, documents contain confidential and private information must be properly disposed of by secure shredding to prevent data breaches and face legal consequences.
The best practice for disposing of unused or unwanted company’s documents with vital information is shredding. This is to ensure information don’t end up in the wrong hands, which will lead to identity theft and fraud.
Keeping piles of documents in the office increases the risk of a fire outbreak. There should be constant disposal of these documents by shredding once they are no longer in use.
After shredding, the shredded remnants will be recycled and we ensure it does not end up in a landfill, to support companies’ environmental commitments.

Our Workflow in Handling Your Shredded Confidential Documents

Why Crown’s Document Shredding Service?

Crown Workspace Malaysia provides the most secure method of shredding and recycling your classified documents.
From transportation to the destruction process, strict regulations are being adhered to, and only trained authorised personnel is allowed to handle the documents.

Our industrial shredder adopts shredding technology which ensures that all documents are being completely destroyed when the process is completed.

After the document shredding process is completed, a certificate of destruction will be issued to you, the shredded remnants will be packed and sent for recycling.

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