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Top Five Tips for Office Space Planning

As your business grows, so will your need for more office space. That’s where effective office space planning comes in, helping you allocate room thoughtfully to boost productivity and teamwork.

Written by Shawn Wood


Senior Business Development Manager, Crown Workspace UAE 

Shawn heads our Crown Workspace UAE team to deliver the best workspace solutions in the region. With more than 15 years in the logistics sector, his experience spans the project management and successful execution of commercial relocation and logistics projects across the GCC.

Relocating offices is an exciting experience; it presents an opportunity to enact positive changes within the business. However, it’s essential not to let excitement overshadow prudence – office relocation is a significant investment, and getting it right is paramount. Before delving into the benefits of office space planning and its impact on your business, let’s first establish what it entails.

Definition of Office Space Planning:

Office space planning is defined as ‘the process of organizing the workplace layout, furniture and office functions to work effectively together, while using space efficiently.’ It involves thoughtful consideration to create an environment that optimally supports the needs and objectives of an organisation. Effective office space planning considers the specific requirements of the workforce, fosters collaboration, and ensures an ergonomic and comfortable atmosphere.

Now that we understand the definition, lets explore five top tips on how to effectively plan your office space.

1) Determining How Much Space You Need

Consider the intended use of the space. Do you envision it as a meeting place for clients, or as a hub for fostering better internal communication? Whether it’s minor interior adjustments or a complete office fit-out, defining your office space objectives is the starting point for assessing your spatial needs.

2) Creating Collaborative Workspaces

Every office, regardless of size, benefits from variety. Including individual workspaces alongside areas for collaboration, meetings, and socialization can enhance productivity and employee engagement. Over-reliance on a single workspace setting can lead to decreased productivity levels over time.

3) Space Planning for Your Business

Incorporate essential amenities like bike storage, showers, and kitchen areas into your office layout, ensuring sufficient space allocation. These facilities cater to employee needs, promoting health, convenience, and a positive work environment. Prioritize functionality and employee well-being to optimize workspace efficiency and cultivate a supportive workplace culture.

4) Utilizing Natural Light and Office Interiors

Natural light can affect the mood and happiness of workers, so it’s important to create spaces with as much light as possible. Avoid blocking light with unnecessary furniture, plants, or blinds. Instead of locating your workstations in the centre of the office, look to use areas by windows.

5) Optimizing Office Space for New Work Models

Resist the urge to skimp on furniture and decor expenses. Quality, comfortable furnishings contribute to long-term employee morale and productivity. Prioritize ergonomic design and employee comfort to foster creativity and collaboration, creating a workspace that inspires and supports your team’s success.

Other Factors to Consider in Office Space Planning

In addition to the five main tips, there are several other key considerations:

  • Consider building regulations – Familiarize yourself with local requirements before finalizing your space plan so you know what can and can’t be done before you plan how you’re going to use the space.
  • Think ahead when securing a lease – Anticipate short-term and long-term needs to ensure space suitability throughout the lease duration.
  • Avoid hasty decisions – the days of a traditional office are long gone. Take your time; poor business decisions are often made the quickest.


If you’re considering an office redesign, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts today for guidance on your new office journey. For more information about Crown Workspace and how we can support you, explore our comprehensive range of services here.

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