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How to Plan a Successful Data Centre & Server Relocation in Malaysia

Relocating data centres have unique challenges compared to a standard office move. Therefore, you want to make sure there will be little to no disruption during the move. You also want to minimize the risk of damaging the equipment and assign trained and experienced experts with specialized moving equipment. 

5 Keys Factors to Successful Data Centre Relocation in Malaysia 

Key factors to a successful data centre relocation in Malaysia are preparation and experience. You will need to coordinate proper system shutdown, de-racking, server wrapping and packing, transporting preparation, re-racking and create a thorough functionality testing plan. If you don’t have the internal personnel to perform these tasks properly, find a trained certified mover who can help. In the meantime, here are 5 tips from our expert to help with a no-fuss, no-hiccups data centre relocation experience:


1. Scope of data centre relocation 

To better understand the demands of your move will place on a business’ resources and personnel, clearly define the scope of the relocation early in the planning process. Will the relocation involve expanding an existing site or entirely moving out to a new location? Will your existing equipment physically fit in the new space? If not, should you consider options such as storage services?

Companies should also consider the lifecycle of their equipment when moving. If a new version of server hardware will be installed soon, make sure that the new data centre can accommodate the new equipment—both in terms of physical space and power requirements. This will dramatically improve the longevity and performance of the data centre infrastructure.


2. Create an Inventory List for Data Centre Relocation

Perform a thorough audit of the equipment in your server room(s) and create a detailed inventory list. This will help you recognize the critical machines that will need to be moved first and understand the equipment that is dependent on those machines. This will also allow you to decide which machines need to be upgraded, removed or replaced.


3. Data backups to minimize risk and downtime 

We all know the importance of backing up our data, but have you ever tested these back-ups? A few weeks prior to the move, make sure you have a mirror backup of your current data. This will give you time to fix the data backup process or the backup drives and test how you would restore the data in the new data centre should things go awry. 

4. Packing and Labelling 

Proper and accurate labelling or barcoding is critical to your data centre relocation. You will risk installing the equipment incorrectly if your equipment and cables are not clearly labelled. Ensure you pack your cables in an anti-static bubble wrapped pouch and clearly label them for each server rack so that your IT team can then re-rack and connect all components swiftly.


5. Prep Your Data Centre and Server Mover

It is paramount that you schedule the server relocation after hours or on the weekend. Ensure that there will be sufficient space from the loading dock of your building to your data centre location and reserve the elevator on moving day. You don’t want to clash with other move-related activities on the same day.


Key Items to Consider for Data Server Relocation Service: 

  • Are your servers being relocated in the rack or de-racked?
  • If your servers are being moved intact, how will the relocation be executed to ensure the items fit in and out of the buildings and trucks without tilting or damaging the rack?
  • How long will it take you to shut down all the servers and related components?  This process can take minutes to hours depending on your server room complexity and will affect the moving progress.
  • Do you have the appropriate tools such as forklift, dolly and flatbed cart to execute the move?
  • Is your mover providing Decommission/Recommission services for your equipment?
  • Will you need technicians on-site to assist you with this process?

Looking to Move Your Data Centres? Get The Best Server Relocation Company Today! 

Data centre equipment is fragile and correctly installed at a new location requires extensive experience. Moreover, a meticulously planned data centre relocation minimizes impact to both staff and customers while maintaining business continuity. As such, businesses should weigh the benefits of executing a move executed by their own staff against leveraging the expertise of a server relocation company.

Want further help relocating your data centre server? Speak to an expert today here.


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