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Secure Data Wiping

Data wiping is crucial as it ensures the secure and complete removal of sensitive information, protecting against data breaches, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Data Wiping: Drive and mobile erasure

A method of software-based overwriting, that completely destroys all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive, tablets, and mobile phones. It removes permanently all information such as emails, contacts, photos, and text messages, while leaving the devices operable; preserving assets and the environment.

It also allows for remarketing and value return, if the customer is looking for residual value, without the risk of data breach.

1. Drive Erasure

Data erasure is the process of permanently and irreversibly removing or destroying the data stored on a memory device to make it unrecoverable. Even with the assistance of advanced forensic tools, the data will not ever be recovered.

Crown Workspace Philippines uses the industry’s most certified software to ensure the secure data erasure of your IT assets is 100% compliant with the minimum standards.

This process can be a time-consuming exercise to complete for any IT Department with the time required to properly erase data on a desktop or laptop being anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. By using our drive eraser solution, eradicating data can be performed at scale, within active networks and across IT assets, from fleets of devices to multi-location data centers or local storage.

Key benefits:

  • Guarantees your data has been erased from any drive, from HDDs to SSDs, including self-encrypting drives.
  • Receive a tamper-proof audit trail for all assets, with a digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure for each erasure instance.
  • Flexible control of external devices such as loose drives and Chromebooks (individually or in groups) that scales to your requirements.
  • Automation to speed up the erasure process and minimize risk of human error with pre-configured erasure settings.
  • Support for internal drive erasure commands.
  • Customizable deployment options to suit your security settings, goals, and requirements across departments, locations, or regions.

2. Mobile Erasure

Our advanced mobile erasure software securely deletes all data from tablets and mobile phones, ensuring the permanent removal of user data such as emails, contacts, photos and text messages, for different companies, markets or objectives.

Using our purpose-built mobile erasure solution, mobile carriers, mobile processors, 3PLs, recyclers and repair & refurbishment operations will be able to achieve operational excellence and maximizing profits.

Our mobile erasure solution is the fastest, most effective and fully verified iOS erasure on the market. Combining with the configurable diagnostic test, we can quickly and accurately process and sanitize your used mobile devices. Post-data sanitization and erasure, digitally-signed certificate of erasure will serve as a complete and tamper-proof audit trail, so the mobile devices can be safely reused, recycled or resold.

Key benefits:

  • Securely erase iOS, Android and most Windows and BlackBerry devices.
  • Faster processing with full automation.
  • Track devices across their full lifecycle.
  • Produce a tamper-proof audit trail, backed by Certificate of Erasure.
Why dispose IT assets responsibly is important?

We offer a complete and secure IT assets or e-Waste destruction service from collection right through to destruction, giving you efficient, ethical, and secure destruction of all your digital records and electronic waste.

  • Pollution: Most electronics are made of heavy metals. When they are discarded into the environment or landfills, these toxic chemicals will leach and pollute the surrounding waterways.
  • Recyclability: Many precious metals and other materials can be recovered when recycled and can be reused in creating new electronic devices, thus, reducing the need to mine for more of these depleting metal ores.
  • Waste Management: As one of the fastest-growing sources of waste, combined with a short product life cycle, it is important to have proper plans to manage IT assets disposal.

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