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Recycling, disposal & buyback

our sustainable workplace solutions don’t only provide the best financial, environmental, and social outcomes for furniture and fixture, IT equipment and electrical equipment but also meet clients’ timescales, budgets, and priorities. These services include audit, storage, resale, donation, and zero-to-landfill clearance solutions for furniture and fixture, IT equipment, and electrical equipment.

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At Crown Workspace Philippines, we understand the role of the circular economy in helping to reduce carbon emissions and meet climate change targets. Use less, share more, and ensure that what you use has the potential to be reused, repurposed, or recycled.

Our sustainable workspace solutions have a direct role to play in reducing the embodied carbon of our clients’ furniture, IT, and equipment by reducing the need to buy new, keeping items in use for longer and ensuring they are recycled responsibly when they truly reach their end-of-life.

We have been successfully delivering sustainable workplace services for over a decade and are fully aware of the challenges and rewards that a more sustainable approach brings to business. We also understand the challenges businesses face beyond the sustainability agenda.

Our sustainable workplace solutions enable businesses to:

Achieve cost saving
Move towards a circular office
Reduce scope 3 emissions and achieve net-zero targets
Reduce environmental impacts
Support those most in need and deliver wider social value
Contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Furnishing your office sustainability

Whether clients are relocating or renovating their office, expanding their team, or operating normally, we offer a wide range of sustainable furniture services, including auditing, donation, consultancy, and furniture repair or resale.

Our team will assess your existing stock, advise what is achievable in terms of refurbishment or repurpose, and offer proposals on alternative sustainable, bespoke, or new items to suit your exact needs.

Sustainable office clearances

We enable clients to sustainably clear out redundant office furniture, IT equipment and electrical equipment, meeting their business objectives and sustainability targets whilst delivering to their timescales and budgets.

Each clearance will be fully project managed through one point of contact. Clients’ furniture, equipment, buildings, and staff will be always protected by our fully vetted and experienced team using high quality and well-maintained resources. We provide full audit trails and client savings reports for every clearance.

Redundant and end-of-life IT services

Our IT service makes it easy for our clients to manage redundant and end-of-life items securely, compliantly, and sustainably. We help them maximize the financial, environmental, and social value of redundant IT and electrical equipment whilst prioritizing securely, minimizing and risks and ensuring they meet their legal requirements. Contact us for a free consultation or quote.

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