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Design & Furniture

Crown Workspace Philippines can support your dynamic workplace change through our comprehensive and integrated offering of design and build services, from design consultancy, space planning, project management, procurement, fit-out and office furniture fitting.

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Whether you require small works to adjust your workspace and meeting rooms or have a substantial office interior design, refurbishment, and fit-out project, Crown Workspace Philippines provides an extensive range of high-quality sustainable design & build solutions to create workplaces that inspire and excite whilst delivering increased wellbeing and sustainability.

From initial conception to the handover, each design and build project will be entirely bespoke for you and your requirements under the watchful eye of our team. Holding single-source responsibility and contractual risk for every aspect of the build means we oversee the critical elements of the project, from health and safety compliance to sustainability. Not to mention, as your single point of contact, we take the stress out of the whole project for you.

Design consultancy & space planning

Optimization of your office space

It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of using your office space inefficiently. We carry out in-depth analysis and draw up detailed plans to help you optimize your office space, as part of an office move or commercial refurbishment project.

Our space planning takes in consideration not only the best furniture disposition within a given area, but also circulation patterns, people’s relationships within the space and wellbeing experiences in the workplace. Our 3D modelling enables you to see how your new office is going to look in real life, before work has begun, helping to ensure the designs truly meet your requirements in practice and to avoid budget changing decisions later in the project.

Better planning saves money, maximizes employee productivity, and reduces inefficiencies in use of space. The team at Crown Workspace Philippines works with your team to understand your commercial workspace needs and look at any problems you are looking to solve, by integrating design thinking and a human-centered design process. We will help you do more with less and think critically about the space people require tow rok productively.

Our multi-faceted Design and Build approach:

Define the problem
Scope and define a problem
Understand users’ needs
Understand all aspects of current and future users’ needs to design the right thing.
Ideation and design process
Idea creation based on the insights and opportunities gathered, put the ideas in front of potential users to gather feedback.
Move design ideas into production

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