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Case Study

Completing a successful sports hall refurbishment for the Selby Centre

Upgrading the facilities to attract a more diverse audience

The Selby Centre required a refurbishment of their sports hall; improving existing facilities including the changing room, toilets and lighting in the main hall.

The Selby Centre sports hall forms part of the Borough’s Physical Activity and Sport Strategy (PASS). Upgrading the sporting facilities and attracting a more diverse audience will contribute to achieving the PASS vision to become one of the most physically active boroughs in London.

Improving the existing sports hall facilities

The refurbishment work focused on improving existing facilities at the sports hall, including:

  • The changing rooms
    Our team replaced all of the entrance doors to both the male and female changing rooms, replaced all flooring, and completely redecorated the changing rooms to create extra space. We also replaced all of the existing windows in the changing rooms and put in new UPVC double-glazed windows.
  • The toilets/showers
    Our interiors team added new cubicles and sanitary wear in the toilets area. Furthermore, we refurbished all showers, adding new valves and shower heads, and made the area more ‘open plan’, as well as adding a disabled shower block with more allocated space.
  • The lighting in the main hall
    Our team initially began the project by just replacing faulty lamps, however, we eventually changed all of the lights to LED to make the facilities brighter and more vibrant.
  • Improving disabled access
    In order to improve disabled access, we widened the sports hall doors for better access, and, as previously mentioned, we installed a new disabled shower with more allocated space. We also installed an automatic entrance door so anyone could easily enter the sports hall, and knocked out old walls to create space for disabled toilets.
  • Designated disabled parking bays
    Initially the parking bays at the Selby Centre were P-single, however, our team lined out new bays, tarmacked, shingled, and created brand-new parking bays in the carpark.
  • New flooring, lockers and storage space
    We installed new lockers and a new storage rail to provide easy access for those using the facilities.

The upgrade will enable increasing the reach via existing users, Selby Sports advisory group, nearby playing fields users and larger community in neighbouring boroughs and beyond.

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“This has been an important project for us, and we have already seen in the last month or so there has been a large increase of uptake of people using our hall. It’s very important that we continue to provide quality service to our community.”

Paul Butler, CEO, Selby Trust

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