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As overwhelming as an office redesign or move can be, having the right information will often ease any worries and prove crucial to your project’s success.

We’ve collated the most useful facts, resources and opinions to guide you, surprise you and inform you.

Crown Workspace are delighted to have been awarded gold EcoVardis sustainability rating in their recent assessment by the leading business sustainability monitoring service. 

To complement our progressive sustainability agenda and further support our clients in minimising the environmental impacts of their moves and changes, we pleased to launch our new carbon neutral relocation service. 


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Embarking on an office relocation endeavour? Navigating the complexities of such a move may seem daunting but fear not. Here are our top 5 tips to ensure your office relocation goes smoothly:

In this blog, we delve into seven considerations that are vital to successfully managing an office relocation project, with a special focus on office removal in London:

Navigating the intricacies of office moves demands careful planning and meticulous execution. In this blog we look at top tips to help with this process and help address crucial questions:

In recent years, organisations across various sectors, including libraries, have recognised the urgent need to address the climate crisis by working towards achieving net zero emissions.

To address environmental challenges, construction and interior design industries must embrace sustainable practices for clearances and fit outs. Here are five key strategies to consider!

We have demonstrated long-term commitment to investing in and delivering sustainable workplace change. Read our 2022 Environmental and Sustainability report now!

For the last decade, if not longer, we’ve heard businesses saying they are focused on reducing their environmental impact., but the question still remains – what action is actually being taken, including in the creation of a sustainable workplace? Read more now!

Whether you need short-term storage in London or long-term storage services across the UK, partnering with a reputable provider like Crown Workspace ensures reliability, security, and convenience.

We provide responsive, secure, competitive business storage for all your furniture, with a range of all-size storage arrangements to suit your needs, including containerised and racked storage.

Whatever your reason for not getting enough zzz’s, we all suffer from a poor night’s sleep either regularly or from time to time. Here are top 5 ways to help you beat the drooping eyelids!

Scents can facilitate a way to immediately engage with employees as soon as they enter the workspace. So which scents should you be using in your office? Here are my top three:

Crown Workspace are proud to announce that we have self-certified to PAS 2060, achieving carbon neutrality for our moves and change services from 2022 onwards.