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IT Services

Providing professional IT support services from moving or changing IT systems, servers, or data centres, to IT projects such as software rollouts or secure end-of-life solutions all carried out securely and sustainably, enabling you to focus on your core business.

At Crown Workspace, we provide professional IT support services for those moving or changing their IT systems, servers, or data centres, or seeking additional support with IT projects such as software roll-outs or secure end-of-life solutions.

Our handpicked team of experienced, qualified and informed IT engineers are on hand to complete the job efficiently, securely and sustainably, enabling you to focus on your core business.

What makes us different?

We recognise that the security of data and assets is paramount to our clients. We use our extensive experience as professional office movers to help plan your IT move or project or respond to an already developed plan, working alongside your IT and facilities team. Our specialised in-house team of IT engineers are all trained and cleared to a high level of security.

We will work closely with your team to identify configuration, plan migration, mitigate risks, manage dependencies and identify alternate and contingency options to ensure a smooth relocation with minimal disruption.

If you are rolling out a new IT infrastructure as part of a move or change, our team can also support you with a smooth and sustainable transition. We can securely store any equipment to ensure it is safe and ready for roll-out. Our teams can then deliver the secure commissioning of the new equipment, making sure the set-up meets the user need and the equipment is fully tested ready for the new user.

Secure and sustainable end-of-life IT services

We have a market-leading sustainable and secure solution for all end-of-life IT and AV equipment. We can either audit existing assets or work with your asset list to provide a comprehensive proposal for the resale, reuse and recycling of your equipment.

All data-bearing devices are securely data wiped to the highest standards by our security-cleared staff, using specialist software certified by National Cyber Security and approved by Defence INFOSEC Security Centre.

We provide detailed and accurate tracking of all equipment as well as required documentation and appropriate certification to evidence secure data eradication. We provide barcode tracking for all items that we are managing and all our vehicles are securely tracked throughout transportation.

We manage redundant equipment as sustainably as possible, focusing on reuse where feasible. Our grading of IT equipment allows us to establish what and how to renew your equipment, giving it a second lease of life. We operate a rebate and resale scheme, offering money back to the client for refurbishing equipment. You can also receive a client savings report sharing the positive environmental impact you have made.

Server and data centre relocation

We have extensive experience in relocating data centres and understand the specialised requirement of these sensitive project.

Our specialist IT and server packing equipment has been developed to ensure the safe handling and transportation of your equipment. Crown’s vehicles are fitted with air ride and server filters to prevent any damage during the relocation of your IT equipment.

We offer a dedicated and secure warehouse with space for storage and an in-house workshop for refurbishing IT equipment. This gives an opportunity to either store your IT equipment or purchase more cost-effective and sustainable equipment.

Our asset management system supports your changing needs. We offer secure storage and warehousing facilities, data entry services, and a client-friendly web-based inventory management system; to assist you in tracking and managing all your assets online.

Through our specialist cleaning service, we can help keep your server room and IT in peak operational condition, avoiding problems caused by dust and dirt.

Our IT services can support you with:

  • Auditing and asset management – Working to your requirements, we will visit your site, in or outside of office hours, to methodically record the details required. All workstation assets can be tagged with a unique identifier as part of an asset register. Furthermore, a comprehensive report is produced to your specification.
  • Desktop relocations – Our detailed pre-audit determines each individual’s set-up, fully mapping the complex multiple screen and port configurations. Our engineers and highly experienced in moving and setting up all forms, cable management and hydraulics systems.
  • Data centre and server relocations – We offer a highly specialised service for the complex and business-critical provision of data centre and server relocations, ensuring limited downtime with a totally flexible 24/7 approach.
  • IT support solutions – Our extensive team of experienced technicians are skilled in a wide variety of disciplines, ensuring we can provide the optimum level of technical support required.
  • Installs, moves, adds and changes (IMACs) – Rolling out new hardware or software can place a significant burden on your IT department. Whether it’s new application software, operating systems, desktops, laptops or other hardware, we can support you throughout all stages of a project.
  • Reuse and recycling of redundant IT – We make it easy for clients to manage these redundant items securely, compliantly and sustainably. We maximise the financial, environmental and social value of your redundant IT and electrical equipment whilst ensuring secure data destruction of all data-bearing devices. Our online resale channel, IT Resale, showcases our extensive stock of high quality used IT and electrical equipment.

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