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Workplace Consultancy

Maximise the potential of your workplace through strategic planning and effective space utilisation.

Our highly skilled team of workplace consultants are here to transform your workplace into a dynamic, efficient, and inspiring hub for your team. We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals. Once armed with all the insights and innovation, we’ll guide you through the process of optimizing your workspace.

Elevate your workspace with our expert workplace consultancy services for enhanced efficiency and productivity

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Recognised by respected industry accreditations

Expertly crafting bespoke solutions for your workplace’s success

At Crown Workspace, we are your partner in workplace transformation. We collaborate with companies of all sizes to craft customized strategies that precisely meet your business’s needs, ensuring your path to enhanced productivity, employee satisfaction, and lasting success. We offer a versatile suite of solutions designed to align perfectly with your goals and objectives combining elements of stakeholder engagement and  analytics.

We collect data from multiple sources to analyse the actual needs of your business. Delivering workplace environments that maximise your business’s time and cost efficiency while also enhancing employee morale.

Learn how our workplace consultancy process can help you transform your vision into reality

Consultation & Data Collection


Our process commences by encompassing critical phases essential for effective workplace consultancy


During the Consultation phase, we engage with key stakeholders to identify the project’s drivers, challenges, and objectives. This initial stage sets the foundation for our collaboration.

Data Collection

The Data Collection phase involves a comprehensive assessment of your workspace, including space utilization, activity analysis, staff engagement, business needs interviews, and filing and storage audits. This data provides crucial insights into your workspace requirements.

Profiling & Recommendations


Bespoke workplace enhancement and strategic counsel to tailor your workspace for maximum efficiency and productivity


In the Profiling phase, we delve into understanding the personality and culture of your workforce. We also gather demographic insights to better align your office environment with your staff’s preferences and needs.


The Recommendations phase begins with a Vision Session, where we provide an executive summary, develop a new workplace model, and outline a business case. Detailed recommendations follow, incorporating all gathered insights into an intelligent design brief, offering solutions for meeting rooms, breakout spaces, social spaces, departmental adjacencies, cultural change communications, and alternative ways of working recommendations.

Introducing LENS: integrating asset management within the circular economy


Managing your organisation’s assets can feel overwhelming, particularly when juggling a large estate. That’s why Crown Workspace has invested in our asset lifecycle tool, LENS to provide you with a clearer view of your estate and enable you to rethink and maximise the value of your assets:

  • Clear visibility of all assets wherever they are on your estate
  • Helping inform decision making around the lifecycle of your assets
  • Identification of cost saving and reuse opportunities
Maximising reuse as part of clearance projects

Using LENS, we can carry out furniture and equipment audits as part of a clearance project, with items photographed and tagged, their condition scored, and their details captured via a tablet to support your decision making including:

  • How existing furniture assets can be used across your estate.
  • The cost and viability of refurbishing or remanufacturing the items at the Renew Centre for reuse.
  • The resale value of redundant quality furniture through Office Resale.
  • The social value that can be achieved through donation via the Giving Back Project.
  • The rebates and costs of the recycling options if no further use is viable.

LENS demonstrates the art of the possible, helping us ensure that significant redundant assets from your moves and changes are recirculated throughout and beyond your workplace, to help you meet business and sustainability goals.

Efficient day-to-day management of asset lifecycles


LENS can also support you to better manage your assets throughout their lifecycle wherever they are on your estate. We can use it to tag and catalogue assets and record manufacturer details, associated warranties, location, condition, colour, and style. This gives surety about what you have where and its condition, and enables the efficient and cost-effective management of repairs within the warranty period.

Rethinking the value of your assets


At Crown Workspace, we follow six guiding principles to put the circular economy at the heart of the workplace through Crown Circulate. This enables your assets to circulate throughout and beyond your workplace, creating maximum value for your organisation, the environment, and our wider society.

Underpinning all of our thinking, is our first principle of ‘reevaluate’: How can we continually rethink the significance, worth, or quality of resources that are no longer needed? Our new lifecycle tool LENS sits at the start of this process and enables us to help you take a maximum lifecycle approach to workplace assets, to manage resources more effectively and put reuse central to decision-making.

Find out more about how we can help you put the circular economy at the heart of the workplace with LENS and the Crown Circulate services that it supports.

Elevate your workspace with our expert workplace consultancy services for enhanced efficiency and productivity

Trusted by some of the UK’s biggest brands

Why choose Crown Workspace?

Over 20 years’ experience in moving large-scale public, private and specialist organisations
Plan and deliver a smooth commercial relocation on-time and budget with minimal downtime
Comprehensive range of bespoke services offered including planning, implementation, project management and post-move support
We cover all the removal of office furniture, filing, IT equipment and specialist items
  • Relocating over 600 staff to support agile working for a global insurance company

    A major global insurance company required a relocation and IT asset retirement programme, covering the vacation from three properties in London and the relocation to a new space. The project included a total of 600 staff who were switching to agile working in this new property.

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  • Full relocation & clearance project of 600 staff site

    This client is an Anglo-Bermudan insurance provider, listed on the London Stock Exchange. Hiscox required a full relocation to their new site, and, following their relocation they required their previous office to be fully cleared of all furniture and IT equipment.

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Creating an inspiring workspace as economic pressures intensify

The requirement to match workspaces with workforce needs has never been more important. Find out how the costs associated with an office move or refurbishment can be managed and mitigated, even as prices rise.

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