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Case Study

Relocating over 600 staff to support agile working for a global insurance company

Relocation programme covering three London properties

A major global insurance company required relocation and IT asset retirement programme, covering the vacation from three properties in London and the relocation to a new space. The project included a total of 600 staff who were switching to agile working in this new property.

Staying compliant with an IT clearance plan

A two-phase project plan was drawn up, with the first phase covering the relocation, and the second phase concerning the secure audit, collection, and storage of the IT assets.

The Crown Workspace team conducted on-site surveys and prepared an IT clearance plan for each location. This took into account building security requirements alongside the timeframe required for the vacation of the premises. To fulfil the retirement programme, in consultation with the client’s Head of IT, our team took responsibility for auditing all redundant IT items, capturing detailed reports on the whole estate’s assets.

As part of the main relocation for Phase 1, IT decommission, relocation and recommission was fulfilled by our team. Our highly specialist and security-cleared team also completed the relocation of the client’s data centre to the new property.

For the completion of Phase 2, we sorted, packed, labelled and collected all redundant IT assets from the three properties. All equipment was then returned to our secure reuse facility where each item was asset tagged for tracking and reassessment in more detail, with Crown Workspace recommending processing and advising of projected outcomes in an eventual resale.

Sustainable solution renders cost saving

With approval from the Head of IT, we decommissioned, data wiped and refurbished all redundant assets, preparing them fully for resale or recycling.  In total over 700 assets were securely data wiped with full certification provided to capture this process. Approximately half of the assets were returned for internal redeployment and the rest were refurbished for future reuse and resale.

Through the resale program, Crown Workspace has delivered significant financial rebates to the client which has off-set the service cost as well as delivering a financial gain. Through reuse and recycling, the client has also delivered carbon savings which contributes positively to their CSR reporting.

The services we provided included:

  • IT audit
  • IT relocations
  • Staff relocation
  • Data centre relocation
  • Storage
  • IT asset disposal services
  • Data wiping
  • Asset reporting
  • Redeployment
  • Resale and rebate

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