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Putting circular economy principles at the heart of the workplace

At Crown Workspace, we prioritise the circular economy, enabling a continuous cycle of workplace asset reuse supported by Crown Circulate’s experience, facilities, capabilities and services.

Our services are low carbon, embrace the circular economy and use natural resources responsibly, helping clients to meet sustainability as well as business goals. We meet community needs as an integral part of our services provision, allowing us and our clients to generate social value through everyday business. We also create meaningful employment opportunities within the green economy.

What is the circular economy?

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation defines the circular economy as a framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design. In other words, it seeks to replace the traditional ‘take-make-waste’ linear industrial model. In a circular society, economic activity is decoupled from the consumption of finite resources and recoupled with three principles: designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems.

The circular economy principles of Circulate

Crown Circulate is based on six guiding principles focused on extending the lifecycle of assets at every stage of workplace change.

1. Reevaluate

By better understanding the assets that already exist in the workplace, we can take a maximum lifecycle approach and plan their future use, reduce wastage, and deliver carbon and financial savings and social benefits.

2. Renew

With so many assets already existing in the workplace, investment in our furniture remanufacturing facility, the Renew Centre, and our IT reconditioning facility, Renew IT, enables us to give furniture, IT and AV equipment a new lease of life, and have a considerable carbon and financial impact.

3. Resell and rebuy

Buying and selling millions of pounds worth of used furniture and IT equipment every year, our online retail channel Office Resale makes it simple to buy quality used assets and get the most out of unwanted assets.

4. Redistribute

We strongly believe that no asset with social value should go to waste, so our systems support the principle of redistribution, whether across your estates for reuse by colleagues or to those in need across our communities through the Giving Back Project.

5. Recycle

Where waste is generated, we work to enable these materials to be kept out of landfill wherever possible and prioritise reusing parts and recycling as part of a closed loop.

6. Reporting

We provide complete and comprehensive evidence of the project savings from reuse, resale and rebates, donations and the charities supported, and the carbon savings achieved by using our services.

Elevating the way you work with innovative workplace solutions

There are tremendous opportunities to engage with the circular economy across the workplace. Our circular workplace services ensure your assets can move throughout and beyond your workplace, benefiting not only your organisation but also our wider society.

  • Circular clearances
    Our circular office clearances help ensure significant redundant assets from your moves and changes remain in use. We help you meet sustainability and business goals by maximising and evidencing the financial, environmental and social value from these sustainable clearances.
  • Circular interiors
    Our interior design, refurbishment, and office fit-out services bring circular principles into creating and maintaining flexible, multi-use workspaces. We work with you to maximise sustainability outcomes and employee wellbeing, helping you meet SKA and BREEAM certification requirements.
  • Circular furniture services
    We maximise the lifecycle of furniture assets with our furniture maintenance, repair, and refurbishment services. These reduce the need to by new furniture and help keep existing furniture assets in use as long as possible.
  • Circular IT services
    We provide a secure circular solution for redundant and end-of-life IT and AV equipment as part of our IT support services. This keeps items in use for longer and ensures they are recycled responsibly when they reach their true end of life.

Discover how Crown Circulate can align with your organisation to create a more sustainable workplace

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Understanding the opportunities within Crown Circulate

We are dedicated to continually investing in and evolving our market-leading facilities and capabilities. These serve as the foundation for our circular services, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of sustainability and innovation.

The Renew Centre

The Renew Centre is a pioneering facility in the UK dedicated to remanufacturing, refurbishing and repairing office furniture. Our mission has been to breathe new life into workplace essentials, transforming them into ‘as good as new’ condition. By repurposing these items, we extend their lifespan and significantly reduce the carbon and financial impact of furnishing the workplace.

Since 2015, we have remanufactured and refurbished over 116,000 items of furniture, saving over 6,600 tonnes CO2e. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to continually invest in our facilities, refine our processes and enhance our services. We collaborate closely with clients, charities, and other partners, learning and evolving every day.

We welcome many visitors to our facilities as part of our commitment to driving the circular economy principles and carbon reduction agenda.

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The Giving Back Project

Our well-established donation initiative, the Giving Back Project, makes it simple for our clients to support local communities by donating unwanted furniture, IT and AV equipment as part of a circular clearance. The Giving Back Project has a network of over 650 charities and has enabled the donation of over 39,000 items of furniture, IT and other equipment since 2015, saving over 1,400 tonnes of CO2e.

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Office Resale

Are you in search of high-quality office furniture, IT or AV equipment? If yes, then our easy-to-use channel Office Resale is the perfect place for you. By opting for used items, you not only support sustainability goals but also improve your home or office workspace.

We can also help you realise the value of redundant quality assets. We will buy these off you for resale through Office Resale.

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Renew IT

Our team of security-cleared staff at Renew IT can securely wipe all IT data bearing devices on-site or off-site using specialist, certified and approved software. Combined with our testing, reconfiguring and repairing services, this enables us to prepare clients’ redundant IT and electrical equipment for reuse. Since 2018, we have reconditioned over 133.000 items in our workshop, saving over 9,800 tonnes of CO2e and diverting just under 950 tonnes into reuse.

Where assets are not suitable for reuse, we enable the responsible disposal at end-of-life, through reuse of components where possible and recycling of the remaining materials whilst also ensuring clients meet legal requirements and address data security risks.

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