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Unlocking Sustainability with the Circular Economy: Introducing Crown Circulate

At Crown Workspace UK, we believe in fostering workplace sustainability through innovative solutions and green office ideas.

Written by Eleanor Holmes

Sustainability Advisor

Ellie is our Sustainability Advisor and has been with the organisation for just over three years. She has led on a number of varied projects from waste and reuse innovation, climate training and procurement, to social value and community impact strategies.




In my latest blog, I’ll go through the fundamental principles and stages of circular economy and how Crown’s new Circulate service can support organisations on their sustainability journey:

What are the 4 Stages of Circular Economy?

The circular economy encompasses four key stages: designproductionconsumption, and recovery. Through innovative design strategies, efficient production processes, responsible consumption practices, and effective recovery mechanisms, businesses can create a closed-loop system that minimises waste and maximises resource efficiency.

Our Carbon Reduction Plan is centered around these principles and stages, driving meaningful change and tangible results in the pursuit of sustainability. You can check that out here.


What are the 3 Principles of Circular Economy?

The circular economy revolves around three core principles: reducereuse, and recycle. By minimising waste, maximising resource lifespans, and reimagining consumption patterns, businesses can significantly mitigate their environmental footprint.

What are the 7 R’s of Circular Economy?

To delve deeper into circular economy practices, we adhere to the seven R’s framework: rethinkrefusereducereuserepairrefurbish, and recycle. These principles guide our approach to resource management, emphasising the importance of holistic strategies prioritising sustainability at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Unlocking the Benefits of Sustainability

Embracing circular economy principles and implementing sustainable practices benefits the environment and yields numerous advantages for businesses. From cost savings and enhanced brand reputation to regulatory compliance and resilience against supply chain disruptions, the benefits of sustainability are far-reaching and impactful.


Introducing Crown’s Circulate Service

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are proud to introduce Crown’s Circulate service.

Crown Circulate provides a roadmap for putting the circular economy at the heart of the workplace, enabling clients’ assets to circulate throughout and beyond their workspace, benefiting the organisation, society and the planet.

Guided by six circular principles, Circulate services are designed to create maximum value for our clients, their communities, and the environment. The six principles include:


1. Reevaluate

To rethink the significance, worth, or quality 

Auditing and mapping clients’ assets to enable reuse, reduce wastage, save embodied carbon and make financial savings through asset management focused on longevity and whole lifecycles.

2. Renew

To restore, revive and make as if new again

Helping clients make the most of existing assets and prolong the asset lives by preparing them for internal or external reuse.

3. Resell and rebuy

To sell on or buy back something previously bought or sold

Making it simple for clients to buy quality used office assets and get the most out of unwanted assets through resale.

4. Redistribute

To distribute differently to achieve greater reuse and social value

Making it simple for clients to redistribute their assets across their estates for reuse by colleagues or to those in need across local communities

5. Recycle

To process and make materials and products ready to be reused

Innovating with waste and reusing parts across our facilities, maximising recycling and ensuring 100% diversion from landfill solutions wherever possible, enabling the responsible disposal of assets at the end of their life.

6. Reporting

To account for what has been observed, investigated or actioned

Provide complete and comprehensive evidence of the project savings from reuse, resale, rebates, donations, and the charities supported, as well as the carbon savings achieved using our services.


For more information on Crown Circulate and how it can support your organisation, click here!

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