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Supporting YMCA and Landaid’s 2024 Sleep Out Events

For the third year running, we supported both Landaid and the YMCA with cardboard boxes for their annual sleepout events. We were incredibly pleased to deliver 1,100 boxes to locations across the UK, as well as bring along a group of eight willing volunteers to the YMCA event in London.

Written by Olivia Sheridan


Sustainability Coordinator

As the Sustainability Coordinator for Crown UKI, Olivia has been proudly working for the organisation since October 2022.

She firmly believes that businesses have the power to drive positive change and contribute to creating a more sustainable and responsible society. Her passion for sustainability extends across various areas, including social impact, the circular economy, the built environment, and nature stewardship.

Hear from a few of our attendees:

“Despite having a roof over my head and moderate temperatures, it was an eye-opening experience. Homeless people spend every night like this—sometimes in the rain, sometimes in noisy, polluted, or even dangerous places. Even a small thing like a warm cup of soup can slightly improve these situations. It’s a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by those without stable housing, and how seemingly small acts of kindness can make a difference in their lives.” – Slawomir Pawlikiewicz

“It was a new and interesting volunteering experience which gets you out of your comfort zone and I think everyone should experience it once in a while. It’s an event that not just awakes compassion inside you for people in need, but also makes you aware of your own position – that maybe your life is not that bad, and out there are people that need more help than you think.” – Felicitas Diac

“At first I wasn’t keen on doing the sleep out, but I’m really glad I did it this time round. It was definitely a great experience and an eye opener for me. To find out how uncomfortable it is to try and sleep in a sleeping bag and in a cardboard box outside is something I wouldn’t want to see any human being go through. I’m glad we have raised some money for a very good cause.” – Bill Shaban

“More than having a fabulous time bonding with colleagues that I hardly ever have time to speak to in the office, it was an eye-opening moment to learn about the wonderful work the YMCA does. It was humbling to learn about the thousands of people and especially the youth who sleep rough and hungry every night in all seasons and exposed to all sorts of dangers.” – Sam Mwaniki

“The Sleepout night at Spitalfields Market in London was a great experience again, as this was the second time I have done it. I definitely had deeper understanding on what it was about this time. It was an amazing experience spending time with friends and meeting new people, all for a good cause. I would highly recommended to everyone giving it a go!” – Bozena Karasinska

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