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Case Study

Creating temporary COVID-19 vaccination centres to assist the NHS

Creating temporary COVID-19 vaccination centres to assist the NHS

Working on a short timeframe to deliver a hygienically clean environment

During the COVID-19 pandemic, delivering a vast number of Coronavirus vaccination centres over a very short timeframe has been a challenge for the NHS. Throughout December 2020 and January 2021, Crown Workspace were able to provide assistance to the NHS by assisting in the re-modelling of shops and vacant spaces to create a hygienically clean environment.

Once the project and timeframe was identified, Crown set to work to make these sites fit for purpose.

A reactive approach to ensure tight timescales were met

In each site, there were a number of different building elements required, including the installation of wipeable partition walls, power and heating, additional sinks for cleaning, decorations and floor protection as required.

This project required a reactive approach, as the scope was constantly changing due to the client learning lessons from each site that opened. This required Crown to mobilise at a very short notice, sometimes resulting in working into the evenings to ensure the sites were able to open within very short timescales. We were able to mobilise our workforce and procure materials, despite the country entering into the usual Christmas shutdown.

Three of the sites we carried out work on included:

  • Cambridge Grafton Centre – partition walls, electrics – Completed over 5 days around Christmas and the New Year
  • Wisbech Horse Fair Shopping Centre – partition walls, electrics, heating, sinks and decorations – Completed on Thursday 4th Jan, ready for opening site on Friday 5th.
  • Cambridge Chesterton Bowls Club – Installation of floor protection – Completed on Thursday 4th.

All sites were turned around in a very fast timescale, allowing the NHS to roll out the vaccinations in record time.

The services that Crown Workspace provided included:

  • Cleaning services
  • Installing partition walls
  • Installing floor protection
  • Installing electricity and water supply
  • Adding in sink facilities
  • Decorations to the venue

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