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Case Study

Decant of library stock to enable refurbishment

Hertfordshire Libraries recently undertook a series of refurbishments from their portfolio of libraries throughout the country to modernise their facilities.

Crown Workspace have worked in partnership with the libraries to carry out enabling works to support the decant and recant of the  libraries’ stock.

The move involved in the packing up of the library stock in strict sequence. The book stock was decanted to the rear stock room with ‘no longer required furniture’ being transferred to the Hertfordshire Libraries’ central storage unit in Welwyn Garden City for future use or to be sustainably recycled.

Crown initially visited the site to carry out an assessment of the required crates and operational resource required to enable the packing and clearance to meet the required timescales to support the decant programme. A dedicated packing team were deployed to label and pack the contents of the library stock from the library shelves in strict sequence. This was decanted to the rear store room. A fitter was also provided to dismantle the library shelving and the displayer.

Surplus furniture was removed from site with identified shelving and was returned to The Hertfordshire libraries central storage unit in Welwyn Garden City.

Once the fit out had been completed, Crown Workspace teams’ revisited the site to compete the recant and sequentially unpacked the book stock to enable the library to be ready for public access within the desired timeframe.

Crown Workspace were able to meet expected timescales to support the timeframe surrounding the closure and opening of the library to the public.

“Buntingford Library recently re-opened – there was a stream of customers through the doors and a real buzz about the new space — with some very positive comments from customers.

Thanks to all the Crown Workspace teams who worked so hard over the past months to get us to this point and help provide the refurbished library.”