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Case Study

Equipment solution for global technology company

Temporary solutions to suit changing workplace needs

A global technology company required a solution for equipment from a significantly sized gym which was part of the staff well-being facilities.

As the client was unsure whether to sell the equipment or store it for future use, Crown offered two options:

  1. To purchase the gym equipment from the client
  2. To relocate everything into temporary storage on site

Equipment included treadmills, spin bikes and free weights. There was a planned timescale for the equipment to be either removed or relocated.

Two proposals to aid decision-making

Crown’s project manager visited the site well in advance of the planned relocation date in order to audit the equipment and suggest suitable storage facilities.

Drawing upon market insight and expertise in the valuation of office equipment, Crown’s resale team put together a quote for the client for the purchase of the gym equipment, for ultimate resale by Crown through the Office Resale portal.

It was ultimately decided that the client wished to retain the equipment in the hopes that it would be able to be used in the future. The Crown team therefore packed and relocated each item of equipment to the storage area on the scheduled date.

With the impact of COVID-19, the gym equipment was still in storage after a year, and so the client requested that Crown provide a business relocation service to move the packed equipment to a separate building.

Crown Workspace’s integral services include relocation and resale options which meant that the team was able to propose two possible solutions to the client.

A smooth and efficient relocation of the gym equipment was provided by Crown on the scheduled move day, with the Crown team ensuring a professional and efficient service on both this date and the following relocation, as required by the client.

The services we provided included:

  • Project planning from Crown’s Account Manager
  • Audit and valuation of equipment
  • Two solutions proposed
  • Packing and relocation of gym equipment

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“Scheduling and quote was seamless, and the Crown Workspace move team were very professional and efficient.”

Client, Global Technology Company