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Case Study

Full Relocation & Clearance Project for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is an international financial institution, with its headquarters in London, England.

The EBRD required a full relocation of approximately 2800 staff from their building in the City of London to Canary Wharf and sustainable solutions for the clearance of their furniture and IT assets.

Crown provided the EBRD with the following Services:

  • Complete the move of circa; 2800 staff over an 11No phased Move Programme.
  • Provide a Sustainable solution to clear furniture and IT for circa: 2800 positions
  • Full time Pre and post move teams provided for a period of five months
  • Crown ReUse Manager – Provide a Pictorial furniture Audit
  • Supply of crates – Locker crates, personal crates, IT crates and filing crates
  • Crown Fine Art – provide high level expertise, moving circa: 1000+ pieces of artwork and artifacts
  • IT/ AV / Large wall hanging TV’s – Decommissioning & Recommissioning for Relocation
  • New IT Install – over 10no phases complete the install of monitors and cable management, then clear all packing material for recycling
  • Document and materials destruction via Crown Records Management
  • Relocation Services for IT equipment, Crates & Furniture to new office
  • IT Decommissioning & Packing for Recycling
  • Server Disconnection & De-racking & Packing for Recycling
  • IT WEEE clearance – requirement to wipe/shred data bearing devices
  • Clearance of Furniture and IT equipment for Donation and Recycling.


The project was completed within an extremely tight timeframe and within budget.

Circa: 2800 staff were moved to their new building over multiple phases, with no downtime to staff.

Over 2000 items of Furniture & IT were donated using our ‘Giving Back Project’s’ network of non-profit organisations, our Sustainability Coordinator organising the operation.

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