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Case Study

Large IT project for investment management firm

This client is an investment management firm with a multi-strategy hedge fund offering. It is one of the world’s largest alternative asset management firms with over $50 billion assets under management, with operations in America, Europe, and Asia.

Our client were moving over 500 staff from their office to 4 sites around Central London. As part of these works, they required new IT equipment to be installed in all 4 sites as well as storage for this equipment.

Once the first site was ready, Crown carried out the delivery of the new IT equipment, and, once delivered, Crown’s IT team carried out the pre-installation of 310 IT positions which took place over 3 phases. We then also removed all packaging for recycling. Following the pre-installation, Crown carried out the relocation of staff between the two locations.

We then carried out the pre-installation of IT equipment in the 2nd location. This included taking delivery at street level from the distribution company and taking all items to the designated floor, and then implemented the pre-installation of 56 IT positions. Simultaneously we carried out the relocation of 116 staff between the two locations.

Crown was also tasked with carrying out the pre-installation of 330 IT positions in the 3rd location, which included a large proportion of trader workstations. This installation took place over 19 working days. This pre-installation was then followed by the relocation of 230 staff which took place over 4 phased weekends.

We then completed the pre-installation of IT equipment at the 4th and final location, which involved the preinstall of circa 100 IT positions. Following this, we carried out the relocation of staff which included 65 trader workstations.

Crown also carried out relocations between sites as part of the overall restack.

Following all pre-installations and relocations, we were required to assist with decommissioning and packing all remaining IT in the Berkeley Street office for recycling.

All works were completed in the designated time frames with minimal disruption.

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