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Case Study

Move of 350 staff from Millbank to St. Austell Street, London

EPR architects recently made a commercial decision to relocate to a ‘Grade A’ listed building in the grounds of the Imperial War Museum.

The move involved the transfer of the following items for 350 staff:

  • Existing furniture
  • Desktop IT
  • Architects samples
  • A model workshop
  • Server equipment

Following the relocation, Crown Workspace were deployed to attend to the clearance of surplus furniture with a sustainable solution for furniture and WEEE waste for electrical items to satisfy their obligations.

Crown Workspace were approached to provide indicative costings for the project and were instrumental in the planning of the transfer, which included the allocation of a move manager to assist with the logistical planning.

The client had expressed concern due to the potential connectivity issues surrounding moving into a Grade A listed building which wasn’t designed for a modern infrastructure. There was also concern regarding the dismantling and relocation of ©180 desk positions, which had to be dismantle and rebuild to enable relocation.

Crown’s fitting teams worked seamlessly alongside with Crown’s IT division, who decommissioned the desktop IT and removed the monitor arms to enable the safe dismantling and transfer of desking.

The move was carried out over a 2-weekend period, with items identified as ‘non-business critical’, such as meeting room furniture and training furniture, being transferred during the week in-between the weekends to ease the stress of the transfer.

Server equipment was then moved at the end of the project to enable the EPR Architects server teams to carry out the required testing to ensure all connectivity was achieved to enable staff to avoid any downtime and have ‘day one’ functionality.

Following completion of the move, Crown Workspace were requested to carry out a clearance of surplus furniture and technology. We provided a sustainable solution, including donation to a school of a table-tennis table through our Giving Back Project.

The move was severely delayed due to the construction company trying to source bespoke building materials to compliment the Grade A listed building requirements. Crown Workspace remained flexible at all times and were able to achieve the clients’ deadlines to ensure that they were able to relocate within their lease timeframe.

“A huge thank you to the Crown Workspace team for your help and for making this such a smooth journey for us.”
Monika Saunoriute, Office Manager, EPR Architects