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Case Study

Office refurbishment for online retail company

A bespoke programme to support an office refurbishment

Crown has an ongoing partnership with an online retail company to provide storage and relocations as the company grows. To take advantage of a team working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, the client wished to refurbish their office in Welwyn Garden City and therefore requested support from Crown Workspace.

The client required an initial decant of 200 workstations to temporary premises on the same business park, as well as a sustainable clearance for unwanted items. There was an installation of new furniture into the newly refurbished space with desktop, IT operator chairs, pedestals and selected bespoke items being recanted from the temporary storage area on the business park delivered by Crown.

Decant of 200 staff and a sustainable clearance

The client’s dedicated account manager proposed a clearance and decant programme in conjunction with the project team.

Once the programme and timescale were agreed, cartons and pre-printed labelling were provided to support the project team in packing storage cabinets. Following this an initial decant of surplus meeting room and breakout furniture was carried out to support the programme and allow the interiors team to set up their project office in the vacated space.

The temporary site was to be used both for storage and as an office space with operator chairs being placed according to the client’s flexible working strategy which was being introduced following Covid-19 social distancing regulations implemented by the government.

Crown’s IT specialists fulfilled the decommissioning of monitors and fixed position workstations, recommissioning them at the temporary site so staff continue to function

Furniture fitters from Crown Workspace dismantled remaining furniture to enable safe and efficient storage.

Items of furniture which were identified as unwanted were recycled by Crown’s Sustainability division, with suitable items donated through the network of charities supported by the ‘Giving Back’ project or repurposed through Crown’s Office Resale division.

Once the fit-out of the main site was completed, Crown’s team transferred furniture items including operator chairs and pedestals into the newly refurbished space according to the layout plans and configured new furniture during a weekend period in order for the team to return to work on the Monday morning.

Crown ensured that all furniture that was surplus to requirements was diverted away from landfill with the additional WEEE recycling provided as an additional’ value added’ service for the project.

Crown Workspace has established a long-standing partnership with this client and provides relocation and offsite storage across various projects which has supported their growth.

For this larger-scale project, Crown Workspace delivered additional support from the IT and sustainability divisions.

Work was completed within the time constraints and exceeded the expectations of the client.

The services provided included:

  • Project Management
  • Packing and Relocation
  • IT decommission and recommission
  • Sustainable clearance
  • Resale of furniture for rebate
  • WEEE recycling

“The Crown Workspace team did a great job; it’s all set up as expected.”

Client, Online Retail Company

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