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Case Study

Office Resale – delivering sustainable style for Canvas

Delivering sustainable style to unique co-working spaces

Crown Workspace has been providing refurbished office furniture for over five years to Canvas, a London-based company managing, renovating and furnishing office spaces in desirable areas of London.

Canvas required bespoke items to suit the ethos and style of their clients’ offices, with design and colour an essential part of creating the desired outcome. Our own retail channel, Office Resale sells quality used items that have been given a prolonged lifespan through our award-winning Renew Centre to suit the required specification.

There is not only a financial benefit to buying quality used furniture but a huge environmental saving. Just last year, we sold Canvas 93 items of furniture, diverting 3.09 tonnes from landfill and creating a carbon saving of 5.27 tonnes of CO2(e). This is equivalent to driving approximately 13,000 miles in the average passenger vehicle.

Bespoke designer furniture at a fraction of the cost of new

Crown’s award-winning Renew Centre takes unwanted office furniture and remanufactures it to give it a new lease of life, diverting hundreds of tonnes from UK landfill each year and providing top quality furniture which can be tailored in colour, shape or style to suit each client’s needs.

The items are made available through our Office Resale service, at a fraction of the price of new and with a much quicker turnaround on delivery.

In addition, Canvas has been working in collaboration with Office Resale to remanufacture existing furniture, re-upholster furnishings and re-top meeting tables and desks to suit each client’s needs. This provision enables Canvas to support their clients by providing a bespoke office style that fits within a client’s budget, as well as ensuring a quick turnaround to prevent empty office spaces whilst clients wait for their new office to be fitted out.

Furthermore, Crown Workspace’s expertise in relocation ensures that the delivery and installation of the new offices was seamless and efficient.

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“Office Resale/Crown Workspace have been and still are a fantastic company to work with. They provide fantastic quality furniture at great prices and always deliver in good time.

We are grateful for the past service and will continue to work with them in the future!”

Tsubi Choy, General Manager, Canvas