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Case Study

Ongoing partnership with global media company

An ongoing partnership for the management of IT assets

A global media company wished to rationalise the services procured for its IT estate to reduce financial and time expenditure on the management and disposal of IT assets by the procurement and facilities teams.

Crown Workspace’s Renew IT division made a site visit to compile information for a complete project proposal to provide various services on an ongoing basis to the client, forming a flexible partnership which is responsive to the client’s changing needs.

Proactive IT asset disposal and re-marketing

Crown’s Renew IT team organise collections of redundant IT or other electrical assets from the distribution centre every 4-6 weeks in 18t lorries.

Equipment is then transferred to the Crown ITAD facility in North London where it is assessed, refurbished, cleaned, and prepared for reuse. Crown also acts as a second security control for the client, monitoring assets for any data bearing devices which are returned to the distribution centre.

Once ready for reuse, Crown streams items into remarketing channels for the EMEA area, extending their life via reuse.

Crown’s services maximise the financial, environmental and social value of the redundant IT for the client through in-house, security-cleared services.

The client receives a quarterly report detailing all assets collected with full specifications and value of re-marketed assets.

Crown is able to provide a range of cost-effective in-house services including account management to allow the client’s facilities and procurement teams to focus attention on other needs.

The client is very happy with the partnership that was established since 2018 and values Crown’s responsiveness and availability at short notice as well as the quality of the services.

The services provided included:

  • Project management
  • IT asset collection in secure vehicles
  • Expert assessment
  • Refurbishment and cleaning
  • Preparation for reuse
  • Distribution across Europe
  • Recycling of redundant items

“We would like to express our appreciation to Crown Workspace’s RenewIT team for their reliability and high commitment to the whole process. They don’t only provide an excellent and fast service, but they are also one of our trustworthy partners.”

Client, Global Media Company

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