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Case Study

Successful methodical storage of library materials

A diverse and dynamic international education institution with a total of six campuses within the heart of London and with more than 20,000 learners annually.

To continue providing quality service to all students and with an aim to create a wider range of study spaces and sustainable area for all users, the institution was set to combine one of their campus libraries and Student centre together in one location.

As part of the 14 weeks refurbishment programme, a temporary offsite  storage to around 800LM of library materials was required.

As specialists in providing Secure Business Storage, we provide the following features:

  • All premises are covered by CCTV
  • On-site security alarms directly linked to the police
  • Extensive Fire protection

Crown Workspace housed all of the library materials for the span of three months.

A total of around 500 crates were stored in one of our London’s warehouses which occupied more than 800 sq ft of space.

As strictly required, items in crates were stored following the number sequence from 000 to 999 with detailed inventory and photos uploaded in the system within 24 hours upon receipt of items in store.

Access to the client’s portal was provided ensuring that all details were visible for client’s easy monitoring and ordering of items.

After three months, all effects were ordered out using our online ordering system which made the whole process efficient not just for the storage team but as well as for the client.

The sequential way of storing the items coupled with the expertise of the storeman, made it convenient for everyone to store and retrieve all objects without any issues.

Delivery was smooth and all effects were returned with the same condition when they first came to store.

“The storage team’s expertise in handling significant objects and their professionalism in dealing with numerous queries are just superb. Happy for the service we received!”