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Case Study

Transport for London (TfL) – providing a comprehensive clearance on a strict deadline

Successful clearance of Westferry Circus site

Transport for London (TfL) needed to clear their Westferry Circus site, holding 1,600 staff, by a strict deadline to avoid the incurrence of an occupation liability. The building was being returned to the landlord and thus required a comprehensive clearance service.

Crown Workspace was able to provide a comprehensive service for the clearance of all items from the site. Part of our remit included the prioritisation of reuse of furniture items for resale, as well as recycling or energy recovery from materials collected during the clearance.

Achieving carbon saving through reuse

Crown Workspace attended meetings and site visits with the TfL project managers to compile a project plan for this clearance.

Our team dismantled desks and shelving units during the daytime to sort into relevant material categories. Around 1,000 items with resale potential were recovered from the site, achieving a carbon saving of 63.15 tonnes C02 through reuse.

Financial savings for the client

Crown Workspace supplied a dedicated team for material segregation and they separated 227.37 tonnes of metal for recycling equalling an environmental saving of 514.13 tonnes of c02. This also resulted in financial savings for the client through a rebate payment. We sought to recycle as much as possible from all other waste streams and prioritised sending mixed items to a materials recycling facility for further sorting and energy recovery.

The services we provided included:

  • Fitting services – dismantling of furniture, including 1,600 desks
  • Clearance services – metal and mixed recycling teams
  • Delivery of waste materials to Crown Workspace’s recycling partners
  • Resale of office furniture on behalf of the client

Crown Workspace achieved the project within the time frame provided, meaning the client didn’t incur a fine. Considerable carbon savings were produced through our comprehensive reuse and recycling services – the total carbon saving from this clearance project was 720.52 tonnes of C02.

“I would like to thank the Crown Workspace team for the sterling work porovided at the West Ferry Circus. I think everyone is pretty amazed that we managed to pull this off in such a tight time frame. Thank you to all the guys for their dedication under severe pressure and positive attitude.”

Moves Programme Manager, TFL

“A massive thank you to everyone for successfully clearing people, furniture, IT and kitchen equipment, and cleaning and preparing the building for a vacation today. The landlord was very impressed with how the building was returned, so, well done!”

Senior Head of Office and Rating Surveyor, TFL

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