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Space Planning

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Whatever the goal, we will make the most of your space

Businesses often get stuck in the habit of using their office space inefficiently. An office move or refurbishment is a good time to reassess exactly what you need from the space you occupy.

Our team of experts can sit down with you and carry out a thorough analysis of your current office space usage and tally it against your actual business practices.

Doing this before you start your office search, or begin work on a fit-out design, can:

  • Save significant expenses and outgoings
  • Save substantial time and effort
  • Save utilisation of short and long-term resources

Optimise your office

Office space planning starts by understanding the space you need, and how best to use it. Most of the time, organisations think they need more space, but often they just need to make better use of what they already have.

Better planning saves money too, especially if your new office layout design does more with less. Growing the business might mean adding people, but space planning can help you think critically about the space people need to work productively.

We know that every business is different – and no two workspaces the same.

Whether you’re moving, or converting an existing space, our expert team will help you uncover all the possibilities to create a unique office space plan that works for you and your business – visually, functionally and commercially.

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Modern office design with tables, chairs, sofas, a coffee machine section and a bar

Every business is different and works in a different way

Here are things you will need to consider:

  • Whether or not you need one desk per employee
  • How big each desk needs to be
  • What the ratio of open breakout space versus closed meeting rooms should be
  • Where informal meeting places should be located to encourage interaction between departments or teams
  • How spaces can be made flexible to meet different needs at different times

Want to acquire the workspace you’re looking for, without moving? Get in touch with the team today.

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