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Case Study

Crown Interiors – Office Refurbishment

Promoting wellbeing and sustainability in the workplace

Crown’s Interiors team were relocating to a new office, at Crown Workspace’s second facility in Ardra Road, Edmonton. The office space was formerly used as an Operations office and some office refurbishment service was required to enhance the workspace as well as a reconfiguration to fit the Interiors team’s needs.

The area to be refurbished comprised an office space suited to 6 employees, a meeting/manager’s room, a storage room and no longer required First-Aid room. The office felt dark, with inadequate lighting and minimal natural light. Circulation within the space was impacted by an excess of furniture.

In line with Crown’s ethos to promote well-being in the workplace and to highlight the culture of sustainability which runs through the heart of the business, the refurbishment of the offices was an opportunity to showcase Crown’s capabilities and core values, whilst creating a healthy and positive atmosphere for the team.

A bright new workspace to enhance comfort and productivity

The Crown Interiors team used their collective expertise to collaborate on a design that would address the various issues such as lighting, comfort and circulation as well as designing a configuration to optimise the space for the team.

Various practical issues needed addressing, such as the closure of door and window connections to the neighbouring warehouse and an upgrade of air conditioning and airflow systems as well as removal of an unrequired fly trap.

The former first-aid room had dilapidation issues with the vinyl flooring, which was therefore replaced. The walls required a repaint to refresh and because studies have shown that shades of green, blue and white can have positive benefits to employee’s productivity and creativity, the colour blue was chosen for the meeting/breakout room.

To tackle the inadequate lighting sustainably, an LED system was installed throughout, adhering to Crown’s strategy to conversion to LED lighting. Window blinds were also replaced to allow more natural lighting without affecting privacy. These 5% sunscreen roller blinds were obtained from a fit-out work that was taking place at that time and would otherwise have gone to waste. After assessing their quality and state, we were able to cut and customize them to our needs and give new life to these items.

Comfort and wellbeing were essential considerations to the final design, and studies have shown that 10% of employee absence can be attributed to working in environments with no connection to nature. The inclusion of living elements or views onto nature in an office environment can increase wellbeing by 15%, productivity by 6% and creativity by 15%, so the team added two large sculptural potted snake plants and large rainforest-themed wall decorations to provide a vibrant touch and complete the natural vibe.

Refreshment facilities and break-out spaces are a necessity in any modern office and so the former First Aid room was transformed into a kitchen space with sleek cupboard facades with integrated handles, catering and kitchen equipment and integrated waste sorting facilities to adhere to Crown’s own recycling protocol. The former manager’s room was reconfigured as a multi-purpose space which is suitable for meetings with its meeting table and smart refurbished office chairs, as well a break-out/quiet area for more relaxed activity with the addition of the Scandinavian-style armchairs and bright soft furnishings.

By removing some of the redundant furniture for use across the other Crown office areas and redesigning the floorplan of the main office, the available desking space was increased to accommodate eight people. Top-quality refurbished office chairs were installed produced in Crown’s own office furniture remanufacturing facility The Renew Centre and desks were remanufactured to meet the new layout.

Through the utilisations of remanufactured furniture over buying new, the Crown team successfully diverted previously unwanted furniture from landfill and made a saving of 1.24 tonnes of CO2e, the equivalent of charging 158,000 smartphones.

crown own refurbish design

This self-delivered project allowed the Crown Interiors team to showcase their talent and expertise in creating vibrant workspaces to enhance productivity and staff wellbeing, as well as drawing upon the sustainability ethos which is at the heart of Crown’s core values.

The services we provided included:

  • Designed by Crown Interiors
  • Update lighting to LED
  • Reconfiguration of work and storage spaces
  • Creation of break out and kitchen areas
  • Closure of door and window connections to neighbouring warehouse
  • Replacement of vinyl flooring
  • Repaint throughout
  • Installation of air conditioning and air-flow systems
  • Procurement of top quality refurbished furniture via Office Resale

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“This self-delivered project allowed the Crown Interiors team to showcase their talent and expertise in creating vibrant workspaces to enhance productivity and staff wellbeing, as well as drawing upon the sustainability ethos which is at the heat of Crown’s core values.”

Ashley Lawrence, Head of Interiors