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Case Study

Investec – relocating 1,722 staff into two separate offices

Creating a more agile working environment

Investec is a specialist banking group with offices in London. The company wished to move 1,722 staff from 2 Gresham Street into two separate offices on the same street during a six week period, with the aim of creating a more agile working environment.

Investec required a partner to assist with the planning and the implementation of the moves. The project was to be completed on weekdays and weekends in several phases.

Working in close collaboration with the Investec team

Following a storage audit by a specialist consultant, Crown Workspace’s project manager worked in close collaboration with Investec’s team to create a detailed move plan to ensure business-as-usual operations could be maintained throughout each phase of the relocation.

A detailed audit and mapping of all locations and furniture items allowed us to pre-order the crates and bespoke locker boxes which would facilitate the move to agile working within the new properties.

Prior to the move, our specialist team pre-installed new curved 38″ monitors and dealer monitors into the new offices. The Crown Workspace team were able to relocate gym equipment in advance of the first desktop moves.

Over the following weeks, during the various weekend and weekday scheduled phases, the relocations team worked to deliver restaurant and café furniture, safes, meeting room furniture, facilities equipment, post room equipment, bulk filing and IT equipment alongside the personal effects of all staff. Around 300 staff were moved in each phase. Following each relocation, we provided post-move support for staff starting at their new workspaces.

Once all phases were complete, Crown Workspace provided a full sustainable clearance of the exited property over a three week period. The specialist team were able to collect just under 2,000 items of seating, including 1,700 office chairs and various sofas and stools, which were refurbished and resold on behalf of Investec. This reused furniture represents a carbon saving of 134 tonnes.

Environmental legislation

In line with legislative requirements, the management of all redundant furniture, equipment and materials cleared as part of this project was completed in compliance with the best practice principles of the waste hierarchy, focusing on waste prevention and reuse as a priority.

Giving back in action

As part of this clearance, Investec and Crown Workspace managed to divert 125 items of furniture including chairs, tables and sofas to our Giving Back Project, meaning these items will be distributed to local charities, schools and social enterprises free of charge. Enabling this support represented a significant financial saving for these charities.

Environmental savings

By taking an environmentally focused approach, following Crown Workspace’s sustainable clearance approach, Investec was able to achieve significant carbon savings. The diversion of these redundant assets back into reuse and recycling over 450 tonnes of C02 were saved.

The services we provided included:

  • Full move management with scheduled phasing
  • Provision of fully uniformed staff with relevant security clearance
  • Pre-installation of new curved 38” monitors
  • Pre-installation of dealer monitors
  • Supply of bespoke locker boxes
  • Relocation of office equipment, restaurant, post room, gym and facilities items
  • Bulk filing transfer
  • Safe moves
  • Clearance of vacated property
  • Sale rebates for unwanted items
  • Donation of reclaimed items to Giving Back Project
  • Recycling of end-of-life items

With ongoing support and communication between us and Investec, the transition between the exited property into the two new offices was executed smoothly.

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