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Case Study

Sustainable clearance for global electronic securities marketplace

A flexible solution to fit a challenging timeframe

A US-based global electronic securities marketplace with central deposits in Europe had a 200-strong team operating from Woolgate Exchange in London. This property was to close for renovation and therefore required all tenants to find new premises.

The client sourced a 25,000 sq ft office space on the 18th Floor of the new 41-storey building, 22 Bishopsgate, but due to a tight timescale for the exit of Woolgate Exchange, office and IT equipment needed to be stored for 7 months before the relocation to 22 Bishopsgate which was still not open to tenants.

After vacation, the Woolgate Exchange premises needed to be cleared to hand back to the landlord, with redundant furniture and equipment to be reused or recycled as appropriate.

Crown’s relocation expertise, storage facilities and sustainable clearance services provided an efficient single supplier solution for the project.

Crown’s integrated services offer optimum efficiency

A two-phase project plan was drawn up by the Crown Account Manager in collaboration with the client’s project team, to cover the relocation to storage and sustainable clearance, then the move from storage to new premises and installation on site.

  • Phase 1 in June 2020 covered the vacation and clearance of the property and the relocation of all equipment making the transfer to Bishopsgate into storage for an interim period of 7 months.
  • Phase 2 in February 2021 was to deliver all equipment to 22 Bishopsgate and set up according to the floorplans.

A speedy turnaround for vacation and clearance

Crown’s relocation team provided crates, packaging and labelling for personal effects going into storage and then completed the packing process for desktop equipment, furniture and general filing. Crown specialists decommissioned all IT/AV equipment and using the detailed audit database sorted it according to whether it was to be stored or was redundant, packing it safely for transit.

All unwanted items, which included furniture and IT equipment, were sorted according to reuse potential, with the resale or recycling of these items contributing to a rebate for the client. Items for charitable donation were identified and processed by Crown’s Giving Back Project.

Full adherence to security requirements for installation

Crown liaised with the client and property managers at the 22 Bishopsgate premises once the new workspace was available, complying with the stringent security procedures to ensure staff access.

Deliveries were via the vehicle lift, which gained access to the loading bay, where ‘Clipfine’ services would meet the driver, and then enable unloading of items via the goods lift to level 18.

Crown’s IT team installed the 440 new monitors, including unboxing and fitting to Vesa plates, recommission and clearance of all redundant packing material for reuse/recycling.

The client’s team was extremely pleased with the service Crown Workspace provided and the flexibility we offered. Through careful resale of redundant IT and furniture assets, we were able to return maximum value back to the client, amounting to approximately £43,000.

The services we provided included:

  • Project planning from Crown’s Account Manager
  • Dismantling and IT decommission
  • Secure London storage facility
  • Packing and delivery of IT equipment, furniture and filing to storage
  • Sustainable clearance
  • Rebate for resale of redundant items and charitable donation
  • Delivery and unpacking of stored items in new premises
  • Installation of 440 monitors
  • IT recommission

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