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Case Study

Six schools benefit from a sustainable clearance

Completing a range of sustainable relocation services

MRI is a medium-sized global property management software company. The team of circa 70 staff needed to vacate the Sleaford office by the end of the lease in August, but the new premises was not available for occupation until early October.

A temporary storage solution was required, as well as a clearance and secure shredding. With a comprehensive CSR policy, MRI was keen to meet sustainability targets and use Crown’s Giving Back Project as a channel for donating redundant equipment.

With a range of relocation services tailored to be as sustainable as possible, Crown Workspace was able to submit a competitive in-house quote for the whole project.

A one-stop-shop for relocation, clearance and shredding

Working closely with MRI and other key stakeholders, Crown’s Account Manager drew up a project plan which included auditing of all equipment, identifying which items were to be placed into temporary storage and which were unwanted. Of the latter, Crown selected items suitable for resale to pass on the rebate to MRI and highlighted which were unlikely to yield value and therefore suitable for a charitable donation.

A shredding service was also provided to ensure the secure destruction of redundant filing.

Providing Cartons, labelling and packaging, the Moves team safely relocated workspace items into the storage facility for future delivery and installation once the new offices were accessible.

The premises were then cleared, with the following assets selected for resale:

  • 16 canteen chairs
  • 1 smartboard
  • 2 Ricoh printers

The resale of these items yielded over £700 revenue for MRI.

For the rest of the unwanted items, Crown collaborated with charity partner Business to Schools to redistribute furniture, including:

  • 118 office chairs
  • 27 desks
  • 5 meeting tables
  • 16 pedestals
  • 1 sofa
  • 46 storage units

In total six local schools were supported and in addition to the furniture, they also received 20 large boxes of stationery and 10 large boxes of kitchen items. This substantial donation amounted to a total of 6.6 tonnes of furniture diverted from landfill and total carbon savings of 21.92 tonnes CO2 (e.g), a huge success which, alongside a note of thanks, made for a great news/social media story for MRI’s marketing team.

All remaining equipment and electrical items were sorted and recycled according to the waste hierarchy, with a full report provided to MRI.

The services provided included:

  • Project planning from Crown’s Account Manager
  • Dismantling and audit of furniture and electrical equipment
  • Secure temporary storage
  • Packing and delivery of IT equipment and filing to storage
  • Shredding
  • Sustainable clearance
  • Rebate for resale of redundant items
  • Charitable donation and recycling
  • Delivery of stored items in new premises

The project was completed on time and with full commitment by the client for a sustainable clearance which yielded a great carbon footprint saving and with six schools benefitting from the donations.

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“We received great support from Crown Workspace throughout the project, completing the project on-time, and being flexible at all times.”

Leigh Portsmouth, Facilities Manager, MRI

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