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Case Study

Sustainable move for government department

Government office’s sustainable move to agile working

A government department wished to implement agile working across three sites in Manchester, Solihull and in Leeds and was seeking an approved supplier to put together a bespoke in-house solution and fulfil sustainability goals.

The three office workspaces required reconfiguration and internal personnel relocations, with the Manchester office moving 120 staff, and Solihull and Leeds moving 50 each.

The project required a security-cleared team from Crown and the whole project was to take place over the course of a 12-month period.

A tailored service for furniture reconfiguration and installation

Crown provided a security-cleared dedicated Move Manager to oversee the project which drew on the expertise of several Crown teams.

To fulfil the project in the most sustainable way, Crown tailored service to cover a combination of clearance and recycling services, reconfiguration of existing furniture, supply and installation of new and refurbished furniture, and internal staff relocations.

Following plans drawn up by the project leaders, the team at Crown’s award-winning Renew Centre were able to reconfigure furniture to fit the new arrangement. This furniture was then installed by the Moves team, who also relocated the workspaces for 220 staff across the three offices.

Clearance services were also undertaken by Crown, with WEEE and materials recycling according to the waste hierarchy where reuse was not feasible.

Procurement of new and refurbished furniture was through Crown’s Office Resale department.

The third and final project in Manchester was the largest operation and was delivered during Covid-19. The Move Manager was able to restructure the schedule to allow for reduced teams to adhere to social distancing measures.

Crown’s integrated service offering provided a full in-house service for this security-sensitive project. Strict sustainability targets were met, with environmental impact reporting provided by Crown.

The services we provided included:

  • Tailored project proposal from Crown’s Account Manager
  • Refurbishment and reconfiguration of existing furniture at the Renew Centre
  • Supply of new and refurbished furniture from Office Resale
  • Furniture installation by Interiors team
  • Relocation of workspaces for 220 staff across 3 offices
  • Sustainable clearance and WEEE recycling

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