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Case Study

The Giving Back Project furnishes Haven House Children’s Hospice’s new care centre

Creating a comfortable environment through furniture provision

Haven House Children’s Hospice is a local charity which cares for children and young people who have life-limiting and life-threatening conditions and who are unlikely to reach adulthood.

Haven House received a grant for the construction of a new Holistic Care Centre from the Department of Health, however, had to fund the fixtures and fittings themselves. This placed a significant strain on their finances, and they turned to Crown Workspace for assistance with the furniture they required, including desks, chairs, desk screens and reception area seating.

Giving items a new lease of life through the Giving Back Project

We were approached by the hospice to replace mismatched and damaged office furniture with good quality second hand or refurbished items. Following an initial meeting at Haven House’s premises, we committed to not only refurbishing the office furniture but also to provide as much furniture as possible for the new Holistic Care Centre.

We were able to offer a wider range of services than initially proposed. The Giving Back Project was key to the success of this project, with donated items being re-sized and refurbished at our Renew Centre. Amongst the many donated items were chairs from the Tesco office, which were given a new lease of life using the Haven House branding.

In addition to the original proposal to supply office furniture, we also:

  • Customised operator chairs and desk screens in Haven House colours
  • Furnished meeting and training rooms, again with customised chairs
  • Provided newly refurbished Haven House branded purple operator chairs for the staff within the Hospice
  • Have promised to provide re-modelled work stations for Hospice, enabling more efficient use of restricted space

Excelling within the client’s required timeline

A significant element of the refurbishment was to supply bespoke furniture for the reception area. Built to the client’s exact requirements, the Renew Centre provided seating, desks and tables as well as numerous additional items including under desk storage.

The Crown Workspace team were able to offer suggestions, improvements and modifications to the initial plan, which together with the Giving Back Project initiative and the Renew Centre, meant that we were able to save Haven House over £23,000.

The Holistic Care Centre achieved its full potential, with the project being completed ahead of schedule. The centre is now fully functional, and a place where patients are welcomed in a smart and comfortable environment.

Below are the services that we provided, with the donation of office furniture including:

  • 34 desks
  • 34 pedestals
  • 32 19” TFT screens
  • 32 monitor arms
  • 17 desk screens
  • 22 low-level storage units
  • 50 operator chairs
  • 50 meeting chairs
  • 6 folding tables
  • 3 tall tambours
  • Customised operator chairs and desk screens in client’s branding
  • Bespoke reception area furniture
  • Re-sized office desks
  • Furnished meeting and training rooms
  • Design and installation of all furniture and fittings

“The Giving Back Project has saved us a huge amount of time and money, which means that we haven’t had to scale back our project. Crown Workspace’s support has been above and beyond simply financial and time savings.

Thank you so much for all you have done for us; everything looks amazing, particularly the reception and waiting area furniture. ”

Development Officer, Haven House

“The Crown team undertook a huge amount of work for us, and everything has been delivered in excellent quality. Your work means that our new Holistic Care Centre is furnished to an excellent standard.”

Mike Palfreman, Chief Executive, Haven House

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