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Five Top Trends Coming to the Workplace in 2019

Improving staff productivity is top of the agenda for many companies.

With 2019 around the corner, discover the top five trends hitting the workplace to ensure employees are kept motivated and happy.

1. Activity Based Working (ABW)

A survey we carried out with 500 SME business owners (Missed Middle Whitepaper) found that 68% are concerned that their current working environment limits staff engagement.

ABW gives employees a choice about how, when and where they work. The office provides a choice of work settings each designed for a different type of task, e.g. private work stations and collaboration areas.

Outside the office, ABW is facilitated by enabling technology, which allows staff to work from anywhere, such as home or even abroad.

2. Corporate personalities

An office design reflects your brand identity, telling your company’s story.

The way the building is constructed and the layout and interior design help to reflect your brand identity.

Giving your office an identity can help give your colleagues a heightened sense of their overall goals and also support recruitment efforts.

3. Adaptable workspaces

Making your office furniture comfortable allows your colleagues to work with minimal restrictions.

In offices today, many believe that dynamic and agile spaces should be highly interactive. Not hampered by any physical or ergonomic constraints.

Furniture adapted to a team’s liking and requirements can have a positive impact on output.

4. Improved technology

Technology should be used to support business strategy and promote employee engagement.

It can enable companies to flourish, better interact with like-minded firms and provide employees with the ability to work from anywhere.

Business can also reduce the running costs of the office by implementing technology and AI.

This provides information on energy usage, water consumption and much more – allowing businesses to future-proof the business.

5. Well-being in the office

A positive workplace culture is a big draw for candidates evaluating different job opportunities. Promoting agile working and well-being in the workplace will continue to be a focal point in 2019.

Samantha Kopsch, Owner of Sam Kopsch Studios stated in the Missed Middle Whitepaper a few ways businesses can encourage well-being in the workplace:

  • Soundproof booths restrict noise in an open plan environment and enable quieter, more confidential working.
  • Sleep pods and calmer spaces promote relaxation.
  • Don’t sit next to printers – they omit toxins, noise and heat.
  • Move people around areas – women are typically colder than men, so position women closer to heating outlets.
  • Improve natural light – larger windows create more natural light.
  • Change the desk footprint and move storage into a basement or offsite for more space.
  • Use furniture to create anchor spaces for people who are based in the office full time and shared desk-space for floaters. Remove banks of desks and create more space for groups working in pods.

Want to create the optimum workspace? Read our whitepaper to find out how.

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