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Assisting eleven schools and charities with large donation

As part of a sustainable clearance project for Amwins Global Risks, we were recently able to assist eleven schools and charities across London with a huge amount of furniture, electricals and equipment.

Meeting specific needs of London-based charities

COVID-19 has put an increased financial strain on health facilities, who have an amplified need to ensure the safety and isolation of those they care for.

Friends of the Elderly, who specialise in professional care for older people, benefitted from a total of 143 donated items including chairs, storage units, meeting tables and fridges.

The charity had been looking for furniture to accommodate a new need to socially distance in their facility and were hugely grateful to receive these much-needed assets. As well as furniture, we were able to donate 40 litres of hand sanitiser, which we were told had been a huge cost to them over the last year.

We were keen to seek potential donation avenues for all types of redundant assets, even those we do not usually come across in our clearance projects, such as clothing.

A central London charity, Suited & Booted, support vulnerable and unemployed individuals in need of suitable interview clothing, while offering interview advice and mentoring. We were fortunate to be able to donate 20 quality, unwanted suits left behind by staff in the Amwins Global Risks office, which we hope will be of great use to those in need of interview support.

Beyond a social and financial benefit

The reuse of these items has created not only had a huge social and financial benefit to their recipients, but also an environmental saving.

Over 167 items of furniture were donated, as well as over 150 boxes of crockery, stationery, white goods and recycling bins, diverting over 4 tonnes from landfill.

In total, these items represent a saving of nearly 7 tonnes of CO2e, around as much as the carbon sequestered by growing 116 tree seedlings for 10 years.

“These items will be shared among our care homes and will be gratefully recieved by our staff and residents, who will benefit from their use for many years to come. Your support for the charity during these challenging times is very much appreciated.”

Steve Allen, Chief Executive, Friends of the Elderly

“We are always amazed at the quality of the items that you donate to use. Please pass our thanks on to the delivery drivers and staff who all make this possible.”

Gary Smith, Teacher, Waverley School

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