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Choosing the Right Office Furniture

Office furniture will last a lifetime if it’s so uncomfortable that no one uses it.

The furniture you select for your workspace can influence the organisation’s appearance, culture and most importantly, the atmosphere. A dynamic workplace environment can help minimise employee turnover and facility costs.

Taking care when selecting the best furniture for your office is so important, not least because it’s expensive, but because it sends a message to your employees. Here are some top tips to help you choose the right furniture:

What your company needs

Establish what furniture types, quantity and quality your organisation requires. Are you planning on replacing all furniture? Or, are you hoping to source items that will compliment your existing furniture pieces?

Budget and timeline

Define the budget and timescales for installation before researching furniture options. This will help you decide on costs and where to source furniture (some items could take weeks to make and deliver). Ensure that both the budget and timelines are realistic to help you to achieve your workplace relocation objectives.

Buy or Rent?

There are two options when obtaining furniture – rental or purchase. Renting furniture might be more appropriate depending on the project type and budget. It might also work out cheaper, which adds to the advantage of your relocation finance forecast.

The furniture’s purpose

Consider your new furniture and its functions. It may look great to have stand up desk, but is it really practical and will it get used? Think about using furniture that encourages collaboration, whether it’s a chalkboard or a break out beanbag area. Ensure that your furniture selection meets with your corporate objectives and can be used by all of your employees.

Visit the showroom

Your chosen furniture partner will showcase a number of items chosen especially for your workspace. Arrange a visit to their showroom to see and feel the pieces up close. Sometimes furniture can look very different in a brochure. Your fit out furniture partner will suggestdifferent manufacturers, have experience of each range and arrange the delivery and installation into your new workspace.

IT requirements

Your new furniture items need to integrate with your IT strategy. Does your new desk have a cable management function? Can you store relevant documents or laptops in your locker or pedestal? What is the right option for your staff – lockers or pedestals? Is it secure? Just some standards to meet.

Health and Safety

The chair is the most important piece of office furniture due to the amount of time spent in it. Furniture that supports posture in a standing, sitting or perching position must always be considered. Don’t just think about the physical comfort of furniture but also long-term health impacts each piece can have.

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