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Get up. Stand up!

The average working adult now spends on average 6 hours per day, sitting at their desk, fostering potential damaging effects on their physical and mental health.

The human body is specifically designed to: stand, walk, run and climb, but, advances in technology that were designed to make our lives easier, have rendered us instead.

Here are some top tips on how to improve your health at work:

Reduce the risk of obestity

Break up long hours of sitting down, by working standing up and moving round. Perhaps arrange a walking meeting, with your colleagues to get your body moving.

Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Recent health studies have found that sitting for long periods of time is linked with how our bodies regulate glucose levels in our blood streams. Manage the time spent sat at your desk efficiently. Instead of emailing a colleague in your office, take the time to get up and walk over to them instead.

Improve your heart’s health

According to studies conducted by Doctor James Levine, adults who sit for an for an extra 2 hours a day have an 125% increased chance of cardiovascular health issues (including chest pains and heart attacks). Try visiting an off-site location to increase your bodies’ activities.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Causes of cancers are still unclear, but scientists have managed to identify a number of distinguishers -such as C-reactive protein, which can be found in people who have sat for longer periods of time. Use your lunch break to stretch your legs and get some fresh air outside.

Live longer

A seating behavior study, published by BMJ, suggested that life expectancy could be increased by two years, simply by reducing the amount of time spent sitting to less than three hours per day. Encourage interactive standing sessions at work to boost energy levels throughout the day.

This article is based on the new workplace health book, titled “Get up” by Doctor James Levine.


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