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How to show appreciation to your employees

In a workspace, motivation equals productivity.

If employees aren’t feeling appreciated, then the likelihood is that they’re not being productive –which can affect the performance of your business.

It starts from day one

Employees join a new workplace full of new ideas and energy, but receiving little or no feedback can ruin their morale. Praise and constructive criticism are key to keeping employees motivated.

Motivation doesn’t always have to be costly, sometimes recognition is more fulfilling than any reward or gift.

Offer recognition or rewards

If employees know what’s required from them, and how it’s measured, then they are going to strive to reach those goals.

One way to motivate employees to reach these goals is to offer incentives or rewards. Research has shown that long-term incentives (1 year+) produce a 44% performance gain over the course of the period. Short term incentives yield less than half of this increased performance. These incentives can come in any form, such as: company recognition, ‘employee of the month’ awards, or annual bonuses.

Honour milestones no matter how small

Employees value receiving unexpected treats e.g – surprising them on a date they thought their boss wouldn’t remember. Whether it be an employee’s birthday or their sixth month anniversary at the company, staff will appreciate the boss remembering an important date in their life.

To accompany these milestones, you could include benefits such as half a day off on a birthday, or vouchers for reaching a certain point in their career at the company.

A Glassdoor survey has found that appreciation motivates more than fear. 38% of employees said they would work harder when the asked of it, 37% would work harder when they were scared about losing their jobs, compared to 81% when the boss showed appreciation.

Efficiency in the workplace is constantly being strived for. Employees knowing they are valued in a company is key to maintaining high levels of production.

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