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The Importance of Location and Digital Connectivity for Workplaces

Even in this highly mobile world, the location of a business remains one of the most important decisions any firm can make, and we must not lose sight of the fundamental reasons why a business chooses to reside in one place over another.

Location is key to successful operations and growth, and is important for brand perception, building a client base and access to the right talent.

It has a huge impact on revenue, so getting it wrong could be costly.

Popular locations for SME tech firms

The increase in SMEs and entrepreneurs has diversified the office market — changing its face forever.

These types of firms are choosing locations where they can collaborate with like-minded businesses, where the talent pool is strong and the costs are lower.

Tech start-ups are now firmly UK-wide, growing within innovation hubs in the likes of Bath, Bristol, Sunderland, Newcastle, Leeds and Sheffield.

Whilst flexible workspaces and improved working environments are known to increase staff morale and productivity, firms are being held back by poor infrastructure.

How can we expect SMEs and entrepreneurs to flourish when their growth is being stifled by poor mobile and digital connectivity?

Digital and mobile connectivity

The UK currently lags far behind the likes of Singapore, Sweden and Taiwan when it comes to broadband speeds.

If the UK is to continue to be a nation of innovators, businesses need all the tools to be able to support that ideal, including access to 5G.

Despite reforms made in October 2017 to outdated communications legislation to speed up the rollout of mobile and broadband services across the country, the Government needs to do more to vastly improve digital infrastructure.

This could ensure that the UK remains an attractive and exciting place to do business, especially post-Brexit.

Without the necessary supporting infrastructure, how can we, as a business community, aim to be at the peak of innovation and productivity?

The role of the property industry

The property industry will have a key role to play in the provision of digital infrastructure, as buildings will need to be designed to deliver these new digital capabilities.

This will be easier to do when designing and constructing new buildings, but older buildings may require refurbishment and fit out work to future proof them.

Take a look at how we efficiently provide all of the services necessary, within an expertly crafted schedule, for a successful office relocation right here.


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