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Top three reasons to consider a circular office

The circular economy is about changing the way we live and work.

Removing waste and pollution from the design and consumption of resources and having a positive, impact on the natural systems around us. This simple but powerful concept has been embraced by governments, businesses and individuals across the globe in the effort to fight the effects of the climate crisis and to halt the depletion of the world’s natural resources.

The so called ‘circular office’ brings circular economy principles to the design and operation of the office and is focused on eliminating waste and retaining the value of existing resources as long as possible. It applies these principles to every aspect of the workspace from the fabric, fixtures and fittings of the building to the furnishings and consumables used on a daily basis. But why should your business be looking to apply circular economy principles in your office?

1. ‘Business as usual’ is unsustainable

Many organisations now recognise that ‘business as usual’ is unsustainable and are making corporate commitments to better business practices. The office environment is a natural place to start – particularly given most businesses however large or small have an office!

Applying circular office principles in the office requires deep rooted change of systems and mindset combined with collaboration with the supply chain. Whilst that may sound challenging, even starting with small steps – such as repairing rather than replacing damaged office furniture, buying sustainably sourced paper and ensuring its recycled after use – the results may surprise you! You should very quickly see measurable differences with financial, social and environmental outcomes that benefit your business and the wider community.

2. Improve your bottom line

Moving towards a circular office can help businesses reduce their costs and even turn waste into an income stream.

According to the Circular Office Guide, the difference in office waste costs between poorly managed and well-managed offices is between 1% and 4% of turnover. The Business in the Community (BITC) guide also states that businesses have the opportunity to save between £400 and £1,000 per year per employee by reducing waste.

No business can afford to ignore such an opportunity to improve their bottom line!

3. Future-proof your business

Attitudes and values are changing, particularly amongst younger generations who want to buy from, and work for, responsible businesses. Taking steps towards a circular office now could give your business a competitive edge in the recruitment and retention of staff and in providing greater value to clients and customers.

The window of opportunity is diminishing though, ‘responsible business’ will undoubtedly become the new norm and those that haven’t adapted will lose out to competitors who have.

As the BITC states, the economic case for implementing circular economy principles is compelling and could increase resource productivity by 3% annually in the UK, generating 200,000 jobs by 2030. Will your business be a part of that?

Find out how we can help you towards a circular office by speaking with one of our office movers expert.

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