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Crown Workspace understands that we have a responsibility to people and the planet, and a role in tackling climate change.  Along with all Crown’s brands in the UK and Ireland, we have committed to a progressive responsible business strategy for 2021 and beyond, and are keen to support all our clients with their own sustainability targets.

Reducing carbon impact through home-working solutions

Around 22 million pieces of furniture are disposed of each year in the UK, and it is estimated that over half of these have the potential to be reused. At Crown Workspace we are focused on prolonging the life of redundant assets in our award-winning Renew Centre, offering affordable and sustainable, low-carbon designer furniture.

With environmental pressures rising in conjunction with remote working becoming the new normal, many conscious consumers are looking to equip their home office sustainably. By choosing to not to buy new products, individuals can enjoy iconic furniture designers at a lower cost to both them and the planet.

A study set-up from Office Resale including a chair, desk, pedestal, sofa, armchair and bookcase could save their new owner upwards of £1,000. Simultaneously, they would be creating an environmental saving of approximately 240kg of CO2e, equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by four tree seedlings grown for ten years.

At Crown, we have been enacting a circular approach to furniture of over 7 years. In this time, we have increased our output by 12 times to meet a growing demand. Last year alone, we refurbished over 15,000 items of furniture, diverting around 300 tonnes into reuse while saving approximately 1,000 tonnes of CO2e as opposed to buying new.

As part of our commitment to prolonging the life of assets again and again, we offer a buy-back scheme for designer products and a minimum of a 1-year warranty. This way, our customers can have additional assurance that their products are long-lasting and will continue to serve their purpose long-after their purchase.

Just recently, we became a Herman Miller Authorised Refurbishment Partner, meaning our products meet meticulously high-quality standards.

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