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Christmas tree in the office

Make it a smooth office move this Christmas

The Christmas period is a strange time for businesses – the workload tends to calm down but the office remains open. It is no surprise then that many small and medium sized business owners see the festive down time as an ideal period in which to undertake an office move.

If you are thinking of using the relative quiet of the end of the year (Christmas) to undertake or plan your office move, then there is a long list of things to think about that would make even Santa’s elves squirm.

No matter how well organised you are and how much help you get from a move consultancy, switching offices will always cause a disruption to a business. However, there are ways to make sure this is kept to a minimum.

If you’re thinking of moving office over the coming Christmas period you’re likely to be in the middle of the process now, so here are some actions to consider making your move a smoother one.

Clean out and declutter your current office

Make an inventory of the items you are throwing away and those you are moving to the new office. Ensure staff have plenty of time to pack up their desks and their personal belongings

Keep staff updated and engaged

Your workforce is the most important part of your business, so communicate with them regularly. Ask for their opinion and make sure they are happy at each stage of the process. Once you have moved, it is a good idea to carry out an employee survey to make sure everyone is happy with the move, making changes where necessary

Review your furniture and storage requirements 

Does the furniture and equipment you have now fit with the look and feel of the new office, is it fit for purpose and do you need to purchase more desks and chairs for future growth. Accurately measure the space in the new office

IT and record management

Consider arranging for an IT company / data and record management firm to back up your servers, protect data and transport documents securely to your new office. You need to make sure confidential client and business information is kept secure during the move


Contact phone and internet providers and give them your move date and new address. Christmas can be a busy time for phone and broadband suppliers, so it is best to diarise the for the reconnection of your service as soon as you can

Cost control

Costs can escalate quickly, so take time to regularly review the move plan, costs and your budget. Check that everything is on track and budgeted for

Tell clients you’re moving

Advise clients you are moving office and will be shut over the Christmas and New Year period. Provide them with emergency contact details and, of course, your new address

Inform key organisations you are moving

It is important that you also inform service providers, government agencies, banks, insurance firms and subscription services about the move. Also set up postal redirection for a year to ensure nothing is missed

Update your marketing materials

Including the company website, business cards, brochures, letterheads, email signatures and voicemails.

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