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Office Relocation

With over 20 years’ of office removals experience in moving large-scale public, private and specialist organisations, we provide securely delivered services, designed to meet all your requirements, delivering a smooth commercial relocation on-time and budget with minimal downtime.

With over 20 years’ experience in moving large-scale public, private and specialist organisations, we provide securely delivered services, designed to meet all your office move requirements in place. We plan and deliver a smooth commercial relocation and commercial removals on-time and budget with minimal downtime.

Our comprehensive offering includes planning, implementation, project management and post-move support for all office furniture, filing, IT equipment and specialist items. Our experience and expertise will help you to meet all your office removal requirements, and critically, continue to function throughout your move.

Business-class levels of Office Movers

At Crown Workspace, we pride ourselves on maintaining business class levels of experts service, guaranteeing a personalised, highly professional offering that enables you and your business to benefit from seamless operations in times of change.

As part of our integrated office movers in London and across the UK, we can help clients at any stage or aspect of a workplace change.

We provide high-quality account management and reporting to ensure your relocation is delivered to the highest standard. Our directly employed team are fully trained and security cleared to the highest level, providing you with the right team at the right time. With uniformed skill staff and a liveried, fully tracked fleet, we ensure the protection and security of your assets at all times.

Relocation Specialists

Whether it is moving artwork, books, and other collections as part of a bigger commercial relocation, or moving whole hospitals, libraries, laboratories, factories, industrial or museums, we have an array of expertise. By nature, their requirements differ from the average commercial relocation and require particular knowledge, dedicated equipment and specialist staff.

We have extensive experience in planning and delivering specialist relocation projects, which can be undertaken around your exact needs, whilst maintaining live and sensitive operations. For example, we can avoid potential conflicts with employees, students and the public, by conducting works outside of operational hours. We have also moved museum exhibitions overnight and library collections over weekends to minimise disruption.

What makes us different?

We are a single-source point-of-contact relocation service provider, with over 20 years’ heritage relocating offices and specialist and sensitive environments. We have a variety of blue-chip clients, including businesses such as KPMG, Tesco, Transport for London, the Francis Crick Institute, British Library, Metropolitan Police, and Man Group.

Innovative and forward-thinking, we are continually revolutionising and bringing in new services, and investing in our people, systems, and equipment to deliver the business class services for which we are known. Examples include:

  • We are the first major office relocation company to become a living wage service provider.
  • We have enabled clients to donate tens of thousands of items of furniture to local charities, schools, and social enterprises through our Giving Back Project.
  • Investment in Business in the Community (BITC) to continuously improve our impact on society.

We offer a professional and responsive service and can support moves of all sizes – treating every client the same way.

Working in partnership with you throughout your project, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to you right from the initial planning stage. This is done to ensure you are fully supported and benefit from our extensive experience in move management.

As a leading provider of workplace change services, we can deliver our relocation services on a standalone or integrated basis. We can support your move projects with IT relocation expertise, interior refurbishment, and fit-out services, storage services, specialist cleaning services, and sustainable clearance solutions.

Business movers are not all the same.

There are many different types of movers—some specialize in moving offices only, some are general movers. The distinctions are important because there are different expectations that you need to know about.

Why our staff and vehicles are so important

We have 120 dedicated, in-house trained operatives, who are vetted to high-security standards and provided the living wage. All staff are also DBS checked, CTC security cleared and NPP level 2 approved.

To safely transport your items, we have a fleet of over 60 vehicles; all of which have lifters, are air chilled and temperature and humidity-controlled. Our vehicles are also fitted with TrackM8 for live tracking, including route planning, 3 point camera system, and emissions reporting. This means we are able to optimise the load of our vehicles to achieve greater efficiency while relocating offices, and also reduce our impact on the environment.

Our infrastructure are state-of-the-art.

This gives peace of mind to our clients, knowing their items are being handled safely and securely by our quality highly-trained staff.

Our office relocation services can support you with:

  • Workplace change consultancy – We work closely with you to understand your requirements, breaking down how people are working and what they require to support the way they work. Every business is different, and we can tailor the approach depending on the project. We assist with communication planning, supporting organisations on how to plan and how to effectively communicate with stakeholders.
  • Space planning – We will review how you use your space, analyse your current and future occupancy and utilisation requirements, identify your options, and how to effectively optimise your working environment for your staff and business.
  • Move management – We will plan and manage your physical relocation to your project scope and requirements, ensuring this is delivered on-time and on-budget, minimising the risks and costs of moving, We will develop and maintain a detailed plan of activities – including logistics communications and deliveries – to ensure everyone knows what is expected. We will identify key stakeholders and manage communications with these parties throughout your move management programme.
  • Implementation – We protect your buildings, staff and assets at all times and keep a transparent programme of works. Our implementation services include: packing and unpacking of files, IT decommissioning and recommissioning, data centre relocations and furniture installation.
  • IT migration – We can decommission, relocate and recommission all IT and telecoms equipment including the complex and business-critical relocation of datacentres and server rooms, with IT reuse and recycling services to support this. Find out more about our specialist IT services.
  • Post move support – Our after move care provides ongoing support after your move and can address any problems that don’t arise immediately. These services include helpdesk, unpacking, porterage, minor changes, furniture and inventory management.
  • Sustainable office clearances – Aligned to the six principles of Crown Circulate, our market-leading services are designed to help you put the circular economy at the heart of workplace change and deliver benefits for your organisation, communities and the environment. Our services include auditing your assets and enabling their reuse internally through refurbishment and remanufacturing at the Renew Centre, and externally through resale through Office Resale and IT Resale, and donation via the Giving Back Project.
  • Commercial Storage – We have 21 storage facilities with 800,000 sq.ft of space across the UK, 300,000 sq.ft of which is in London.

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