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Specialist laboratory relocation services

Crown Workspace has unrivalled experience in relocating large and small scale laboratories for medical and biomedical parks, research organisations, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare and veterinary services across the UK.

Our team of laboratory relocation specialists understand the complexities and unique requirements of laboratory relocations, especially moving laboratory equipment, and will successfully complete your move in line with legislation and good laboratory practice, whilst minimising your costs and downtime, helping to ensure that you’re able to keep doing valuable work.

What makes us different?

With extensive experience in specialist relocations, and with a wide range of resources, moving equipment and flexibility, we provide laboratory moving services that are tailored to your unique requirements and can help to identify and solve any challenges you may face.

Our services are designed to ensure the safe and secure handling and transportation of even the most fragile, hazardous or valuable assets. Our in-house team is fully vetted and highly trained in multiple disciplines with experience in a wide range of laboratory moves, and includes a dangerous goods safety advisor and ADR drivers.

We own and operate a modern, liveried and fully tracked fleet with features that include air ride suspension and inbuilt generators. We employ proven methodologies and operate in accordance with the principles of the Government’s good laboratory practice, so you can have peace of mind that your equipment will reach its destination safely.

Our specialist lab relocation services can support you with:

  • Move planning and project management – Whilst minimising the risk and costs to your business, Crown Workspace will comprehensively plan, manage and deliver your relocation from start to finish, liaising with your lab manager or staff to scope your requirements and tailoring your move in order to meet your individual needs.
  • Lab equipment audits – Our team will audit and provide an inventory of your equipment, establishing specialist handling and move requirements, and meeting any clearance requirements including sale and auction, donation or disposal.
  • OEM relocations – We will work with you to identify original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements, liaising with vendors and supporting them to ensure that the relocation of your assets is conducted in the most cost-effective and secure way.
  • Hazardous relocations – We will relocate your chemicals and other hazardous materials safely, securely and compliantly in line with handling and transportation legislation. We employ a full-time Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) and ADR drivers as well as fully trained staff and specialist packing.
  • Fridge and freezer relocations – With our specialist generator vehicles, we will relocate your fridges and freezers and keep them fully powered throughout the transfer, maintaining the required temperature on these critical items.
  • IT and datacentre relocations – We provide planning, delivery and management to ensure everything is in place for when staff arrive at their new workspace.

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