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Project timeline for refurbishments and relocation

Investing in your facilities is an excellent opportunity to reinvigorate your business. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of a great facility, you need to smooth out all of the fine details. In a move and change, the smallest of oversights can cause wider problems.

To help you put together a project plan, we’ve outlined our recommended timeline for a small office move with a refurbishment.

4-6 months

Start out by drafting your detailed requirements for your new office space and its functionality. When you have chosen your preferred new office, list out the works that will be required for the new space, such as build works, interior redecorations, electrical or plumbing works, or re-carpeting to help achieve your desired workplace.

You should also set your budget as early as possible to make sure that what is required is achievable and to make sure costings can be adhered to throughout the entirety of the project. You should also take time to research suitable companies for your refurbishment. This can be done by asking around colleagues and friends for recommended companies, review case studies and testimonials, and see what extra services these companies offer.

Once you have found companies that could fit your requirements, take time to put together a detailed tender document. The quality and depth of the specification will enable you to select the company with the most thorough and considered response.

3 months

Choose the best company for your fit-out project, so they can be involved in the leasing and planning stages. You can also select your commercial moves company, as the earlier they are involved, as the earlier they are involved in the planning of the move, the more you can benefit from their expertise and guidance.

Ensure the successful fit-out company has everything they require to stay on schedule, not forgetting the all-important access to the building. Schedule regular visits to keep communications open. If there are specialised items required for the refurbishment there may be longer lead times for ordering them.

2 months

Obtain quotes for communications suppliers: stationery, postal services, telephone lines and communications systems, company website. Prepare a list of all items that need to be appended with your new address.

You should keep an ongoing list and decide upon the best way to inform your customers, clients, suppliers etc, making a note of the communications as they’ve happened. Create a schedule for distribution to your colleagues and suppliers. Give notice to your utility providers and ensure that new accounts and changeovers are set up in advance.

1 month

Organise a meeting with the current landlord to enable a smooth handover. If your relocation company is not providing a sustainable clearance you may need to procure any waste/recycling and cleaning suppliers.

As the date approaches, ensure that staff are fully up-to-date with the schedule to avoid delays and confusion; ask team leaders for precise inventories of all move items.

1 week

A successful move can be enabled if staff are fully supplied with plenty of packaging or crates for their personal effects. Your commercial moves company will be able to provide packing crates or bags to support your packing.

Test telephone and internet connections, so you can continue business-as-usual when you move in. Test water and electricity are working. Take photographs of the condition of the building for reference. Also, ensure staff have keys/cards and that everyone has access for the move day.

The big day

Here are a few things you should do when you reach your move day:

  • Read the meters in both new and vacant buildings.
  • Confirm any phone diverts and messages are active.
  • Meet with suppliers on-site to point out particular details.
  • Staff will appreciate having IT support on-site in case of any problems.


Review the move. What worked well and what problems did you encounter? It’s good to document this while it’s fresh in your mind for future reference.

Take some time to say thanks! If any customers, suppliers to your business encountered problems during the move, don’t forget to thank them for their patience.

Give feedback to your business movers. Good customer service and recommendations are boosted by constructive reviews, so it’s useful for your suppliers to have feedback on how you felt the move went.


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