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Tech is revolutionising your workspace

Imagine a workplace full of tech that wouldn’t look out of place in the latest Star Trek movie.

An age in which email is the communication tool of the past – and an office environment in which agile and flexible working is effortlessly supported. Discover three of the most eye-catching tech solutions on the market.

1. Smart Technology

Data driven based solutions use employee profiles to personalise the work environment. This technology is already used at Deloitte’s Edge building in Amsterdam. The app recognises employees as they drive into work and finds them parking. It automatically sets what type of workspace they require (including desktop preferences, temperature and light control) and consults their itinerary – before letting others know they have arrived!

2. Virtual reality and augmented reality

The workplace is not restricted to four walls anymore with technology that creates a ‘virtual’ environment growing in popularity. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg spent $2Billion on the virtual reality company Oculus VR.

Remember the holograms on all those sci-fi programmes? Well, they are already here. Microsoft’s HoloLens for instance offers the ability to project computer-generated objects into the real world. Its headset with transparent lenses allows 3D objects to float in mid-air and can create virtual screens on the wall or make you feel like you are on holiday.

AltspaceVR provides a communication platform that works over your existing mobile. One click and you’re in a virtual space with other people, creating a more natural way of interacting. Already used in 150 countries. Also influences how much space is assigned to meeting rooms in offices of the future.

3. New generation interactive touch screens

Imagine a touch screen which you don’t even need to touch! Just a wave of a hand is enough to control it – and not just one person at a time either.

Plug and play platforms such as MotionMagix™ by TouchMagix turn walls and floors into gesture tracked interactive surfaces. These new generation interactive screens and platforms are the ultimate in collaboration tools. Allowing groups and individuals to simultaneously work on documents while seeing and hearing each other.

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