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Save yourself the stress and leave everything to us

It’s never too soon to start planning your move.

We help you create a bespoke move strategy that works for you, your business and your workspace.

Even better, your dedicated move manager will take care of everything – including your IT. We transport, relocate and power-up all equipment, so it’s ready to go when you are.

Move management is often something left until the last minute, which can be problematic and stressful. It’s certainly never too soon to start planning your physical relocation.

However, even when planning early, moving offices can be very difficult – particularly when you take every minor and major detail into account, and begin adding up the costs and timescale of how long everything will take.

That’s why the essence of our service is to identify key timescales and establish how we can make your relocation as efficient and stress free as possible.

Have your move managed efficiently

With Crown Workspace, your dedicated Move Manager will take full responsibility for all aspects of your office move – providing consistency and confidence for a seamless transition.

They will be your single point of contact, and they will manage every detail of every project – from start to finish.

Take the worries of planning an office move away with professional move management services; leaving you only with the exciting ventures that will come with moving into your new and improved office.

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A good plan will save you more than frustration

Crate hire, logistics, personal affects, storage, road closures, building access and IT decommissioning/recommissioning are all key elements of a move which we will take care of.

Let us reduce your stress and handle your office move with a dedicated Move Manager. Get in touch with the Crown Workspace team to find out more.

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